Embed Video


Maximizing your event reach just got easier with BlueJeans Events embeddable streaming and recording. Live stream your event to any webpage for easy attendee access or, after the event, embed the event recording on any webpage to increase views, get more mileage out of your content, and deliver a highly customizable branded experience.  

Live streaming your event to your website removes typical registration barriers to entry and can increase your potential audience size. If setup as a public event, website visitors, customers, and prospects can easily visit your webpage and instantaneously begin viewing and participating in the event. Our new embed capabilities also include the audience chat and Q&A features, so event organizers can continue to interact with their audience and gain real-time feedback just like the native BlueJeans Events experience. During the 2021 Adobe Max Conference, Adobe used this set of powerful features to embed their session streams directly onto pages dedicated to each break-out session. This seamless approach ensured they were using BlueJeans’s premium and reliable video streaming service, while creating an easily accessible and completely branded experience for conference attendees.  

As with any live event, there are always folks who are unable to attend due to time and date constraints, but with BlueJeans, you can record and share the event content, so no one misses out. You can share the event either as a URL link or you can embed the event recording onto any webpage, blog, or intranet site for a more branded viewer experience after the event. By embedding an event recording onto a webpage,  you can create an on-demand viewing option that gives viewers more flexibility to attend the event and will increase the number of individuals who have the ability to  view the event content. 

VZ Video Replay

If organizations regularly host, record, and share events, another great way to store and disseminate the event content is to create a content library of all past events for viewers to easily view. This hub of event recordings works well for saving recorded training sessions, webinars, company announcements, broadcast programs, and other live events. Nordstrom has created a “On Demand” library containing their live streamed events with a link to each video embedded right into their site.

On Demand

Need to restrict the event content? The same privacy settings apply to the recording when shared via URL or embedding into a webpage. The event stream can be set as: 

  • Open Access: Any one can view the event  

  • Enterprise Access: Only accessible to those in your enterprise group and will be prompted to login to their BlueJeans account before viewing the video stream 

  • Private: Event content is not accessible to anyone without the appropriate credentials 

When viewing on-demand, attendees can play/pause, mute/unmute, control volume, go on full screen mode, adjust video/content layout and navigate through chapters, making it easy to locate the most important content.  

The possibilities to embed your live streams and load up your on-demand content are limitless with BlueJeans Events. Contact us for more information or to try BlueJeans for your next virtual event.