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BlueJeans Events for Diversity & Inclusion

Spreading awareness and support for company inclusion efforts is a major priority for recruiting and retaining top talent. For many employees, if diversity isn’t emphasized with internal motivators that bring the workforce together, businesses will have no shot at keeping them around. Although well intentioned, some attempts to highlight the great works of all genders, ethnicities, ages, and lifestyles fail to connect with a statistically significant number of employees. Morally, this isn’t the ‘fault’ of companies — some just don’t have an effective technology to deliver large company meetings. 
Recently, the Boston Consulting Group published survey results that showed a direct relationship between workforce diversity, financial performance, and innovation. After polling 1,700 companies from 8 countries, the data strengthens the idea that employee variety isn’t just about fulfilling HR headcount — it’s a smart business decision. Companies that reported above-average diversity on their management teams also reported innovation revenue that was 19 percent higher than companies with below-average leadership diversity.  
Many BlueJeans customers take these statistics seriously. Since the launch of our Events solution in 2014, admins and end users have used BlueJeans to magnify cultural initiatives during large all-hands meetings and town halls. Among the myriad presentations designed to advance enterprise diversity and inclusion, here are a few examples that symbolize the power of progress though technology:  
  • Overcoming Unconscious Prejudice
  • Pride Days
  • Women in the Engineering Org
  • Attorney Inclusivity: Equality in the Legal Field 
These BlueJeans Events can easily scale with any growing workforce and create inspiring celebrations of diversity and inclusion for large audiences. BlueJeans proudly supports our customers’ forward-thinking culture and inventive use of our town hall solution.  
Business decisions aren’t made in a vacuum. When multiple project contributors offer multiple perspectives from multiple backgrounds, there are multiple opportunities to succeed. By casting a wider net into the creative strengths and strategic capabilities of a broader, diverse sample of employees, companies extract more from their workforce. 
The sole source for reporting company value isn’t a customer dashboard. While it’s true that all businesses watch the bottom line through a microscope, the best ones have lifted their heads to bring something equally essential into focus: Their people. The top-rated companies have invested in workforce diversity and inclusion. Job boards and employer awards have taken notice — it’s a metric that’s tracked, scrutinized, and translated into dollars and cents. Make sense? 
Make an impact on corporate diversity and inclusion and try BlueJeans Events for your next town hall today!