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Healthcare Provider Silver Chain Group Uses Video To Advance Patient Treatment

Video has become an essential part of how healthcare employees teach, train, and share patient information. Physicians, their assistants, and administrative staff are often pressed to share institutional knowledge and information, while quickly connecting and communicating with remote medical staff. The adoption of reliable, easy-to-use video communications is helping to make these conversations more efficient and productive.

Whether it’s physicians showing exactly how to work through an assessment or diagnosis, administer medication, or ensure proper treatment, Silver Chain uses video to tap into the full expertise of their staff, creating an experience akin to actually being in the room with the patient. The story of one patient’s journey with Silver Chain Group shows how effective, and often critical, video communications can be in connecting physicians with remote medical personnel to expedite and guide patient care. Video communication is not only transforming the way Silver Chain works, but is making a world of difference, one patient at a time.

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