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BlueJeans Breakout Sessions Support Small Group Classroom Collaboration

When it comes to maximizing the value of today’s classrooms, educators face increasing demand to facilitate distance learning using video conferencing software. With innovative features like BlueJeans Breakout Sessions, the BlueJeans video platform supports highly focused, effective classroom discussion for up to 75 small groups. Though distance learning and virtual exchange programs are nothing new, BlueJeans takes small group collaboration to the next level in on premise and virtual classrooms.

BlueJeans Breakout Sessions deliver an integrated and automated approach for arranging large classrooms in separate working groups. Within these smaller group meetings, often occurring simultaneously, students discuss different topics, collaborate on projects, present to one another or brainstorm ideas – all using the ease of use and convenience of today’s online meetings technology. This format also presents material and encourages teamwork in a way that’s captivating for this generation of students.

With BlueJeans Breakout Sessions, attendees are automatically placed into the appropriate session, with easy access to BlueJeans Meetings features—like screen share, session recording, meeting transcription, and whiteboarding. To monitor progress, instructors can virtually jump from one breakout session to another. Once the breakout period ends, instructors can simply click to alert everyone and call them back to the main meeting room. 

Small group discussions or breakout sessions – facilitated by BlueJeans – help bridge differences and deepen relationships while inspiring action and encouraging productivity. Popular examples of BlueJeans Breakout Sessions include:

Separating Larger Classrooms: In institutions with large classroom sizes, instructors use small group sessions to increase rapport with students, encourage participation in class activities, and personally assess individual learning curves.

Project Specific Subgroups: To collaborate or brainstorm on a project or presentation, students are divided into subgroups so they can more freely discuss, problem solve, and brainstorm ideas to be shared with the whole class.

Breaking Down Multifaceted Topics: To encourage better focus and analysis, students are assigned to small groups each aligned with a subset of a greater topic to be discussed later as part of a larger, classroom conversation.

Breakout Games: These academically focused scenarios allow students to use teamwork and critical thinking to solve challenging puzzles or compete against one another to answer questions while having fun and reviewing course content.

Video conferencing represents a tremendous resource for educators to not only bring the classroom to students, but support a dynamic exchange of ideas, improve learning, and enhance productivity in various small group scenarios.

For more information on BlueJeans Breakout Sessions, check out our Support Page and download your free trial of BlueJeans today!