I will always remember my first BlueJeans call.  It was flawless…and unlike any video call I had been on before. The audio was crystal clear, the video quality was amazing, and the user experience was so clean and modern, that I was literally blown away. I was sold…and that just happened to be my first job interview with the company.  

Needless to say, the past few years have been pretty wild, but we have been steadfast in our commitment to delivering the best video conferencing experience in the world.  For too long, our premium experience has had one major gating factor…you had to pay to play. I couldn’t be more excited to share the news that today, we are removing the paywall from our service and inviting everyone to sign-up for BlueJeans Basic, our new free plan that allows users to meet for as long as they want, forever.

Simply put, BlueJeans Basic will arm our free users with a superior video conferencing experience. It starts with world-class audio quality powered by Dolby. Spatial audio, industry-leading noise reduction, and dynamic leveling all work together to provide impeccable call quality that is more inclusive & equitable.  

Our HD video quality is second to none and will keep getting better as we begin to roll out the next-generation AV1 Codec to deliver 1080p and beyond. Computer vision techniques provide amazing virtual background experiences, on-the-fly lighting adjustments, and auto-camera framing to ensure each attendee can bring their best self to the meeting.     

As standard-bearers for interoperability, we are proud to showcase our industry-leading mobile apps for iOS and Android, alongside our award-winning browser experience to deliver feature parity and end-user choice when it comes to joining preferences. Whether you choose to join from the desktop, a browser tab, or while on-the-go, your experience will always provide rich functionality from any mode you choose. 

All of these benefits arrive for free with BlueJeans Basic. Better yet, there is no time limit for your meetings with our free plan. Whether you are meeting 1-on-1 or have up to 25 participants in your meeting, you will always be able to meet for as long as you want. That’s unlimited meetings with no time limits and no credit cards…just exceptional meetings, for free.  

That’s not all - we are also including breakout sessions, polling, and annotation to facilitate more collaborative meetings with Basic. Of course, our enterprise-grade security features, like waiting room, screen sharing controls, and hard muting options are included as well. If you are interested in learning about all of the features available in BlueJeans Basic, click here

Ultimately, we believe that our team has created a truly unique and powerful video conferencing experience. We are so excited to now have the privilege to share it with everyone who is interested in experiencing something different than what their current provider offers. We are looking forward to seeing many of you on BlueJeans calls in the future, especially those that are longer than 40 minutes.    

Check out the full press release for today's announcement, and sign up for BlueJeans Basic today.