Do you need a communication app that will make it easier than ever to connect with the members of your team to get the job done? The BlueJeans app can help. Check out these crucial advantages to downloading the BlueJeans app onto your PC or Mac. 

What is the BlueJeans app?

The BlueJeans app makes video conferencing, screen sharing, and communication easier than ever. This simple app brings together people from across your company or ties in your clients for streamlined, face-to-face communication from any distance. With the BlueJeans app, you can conduct events and webinars, put together meetings that have adequate connectivity for your entire company, and improve workstream collaboration, all in one easy location. 

What are the advantages of downloading the app?

These days, it seems as though everyone in your company is on the go, often constantly. You have people that you need to communicate with, places you need to go, and you need it all in one easy-to-access location.

Downloading the BlueJeans app makes it easy to connect, communicate, and collaborate within your organization from the convenience of your personal device. With the app, you can:

●       Connect to other featured apps, including Slack and YouTube

●       Easily integrate with your calendar and scheduling tools, which means you can schedule meetings ahead of time and get reminders before they start

●       Increase overall productivity throughout your organization 

●       Have access to more intelligent meeting software, including solutions that will automatically store and transcribe your meetings so that you can refer to those key details later, as needed

●       Collaborate easily with the various members both inside your team and without

In addition, the BlueJeans app provides a high level of security that can help protect your privacy and your data, which can prove crucial to overall organizational security. When you choose to use the app, you'll find that video conferencing is simpler and more intuitive than ever, making it the ideal solution for any organization.

How to download the app

Downloading the BlueJeans app and getting started is simple. Just visit the website, click on the resources tab, and click "Get the BlueJeans app" in the dropdown menu. The installer will begin automatically. You can then use the installer to put the BlueJeans app on your Mac or PC with ease--and be started using it within a matter of minutes. You can also visit the "downloads" section of the website to choose the right app for your needs.  

How to use the BlueJeans app

Once the app is installed, you're ready to get it up and running! 

●       Log in with your BlueJeans account (or create one, if you haven't used the platform in the past).

●       Sync your app to the other applications you want to use, including your calendar. 

●       Click the calendar you use, then follow the prompts to make sure that everything is set up according to your specific preferences.

●       Get started using the BlueJeans app for a seamless, intuitive meeting experience that will make it easier for you to connect with people across your organization.


BlueJeans is an all-in-one meeting experience that is designed to enhance collaboration and connectivity. Through BlueJeans, virtual meetings become a much easier experience, whether you're connecting via mobile on the go or through your desktop device from wherever you might be.  

Are you ready to start making the most of your video conferencing solutions? BlueJeans can provide the enhanced experience you need for your next meeting--and for all of your future collaborations. Contact us today to learn more about our video conferencing solutions, from how to make the most of the app to how to enhance your meeting experience.

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