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BlueJeans Announces Record Sales Growth with Broad Enterprise Adoption

Today, we are excited to announce record growth across the entire BlueJeans meetings platform. New leadership from several veteran executives and an increase in strategic relationships have helped us differentiate BlueJeans from our competitors and ensure an enterprise-grade experience for all users, regardless of company size.

According to a recent industry survey commissioned by BlueJeans, 42% of respondents in the United States report that they now attend more meetings than they did the year before. Of the respondents who join a meeting remotely, 75% stated that the number one barrier to productive meetings was poor audio quality. As meeting frequency continues to rise year over year, audio will become an increasingly important criterion in selecting a meetings platform. 

This is why BlueJeans has partnered with Dolby to bring Dolby Voice to every BlueJeans meeting, effectively suppressing background noise and presenting voices from their distinct locations. Since the introduction of Dolby Voice into the BlueJeans platform, BlueJeans has seen 45% bookings growth quarter-over-quarter, including new customers such as Amobee and Fanatics. Additional strategic relationships with Facebook, Logitech, Microsoft, and Polycom have increased the number of ways customers can reap the benefits of a modern workplace in which video, audio, and web conferencing integrate seamlessly with the collaboration tools people use every day.

“BlueJeans has recruited top talent with a proven track record of building enterprise businesses to lead the organization across sales, customer advocacy, marketing, and strategic alliances,” said Jon Sakoda, General Partner, NEA. “With an experienced leadership team in place, high-value strategic partnerships, and a powerful new meeting platform focused on end-users, BlueJeans is positioned for significant growth in 2018.”

As we continue to expand our footprint in the enterprise space along our partner ecosystem, BlueJeans is focused on providing innovative technologies that make meetings fast to join and simple to use. Recent partner innovations include:

  • Dolby allows participants to experience a meeting as if they were in the room with its breakthrough in audio quality across different room sizes and configurations embedded in the BlueJeans meetings platform.
  • Workplace by Facebook enables users to stream live video meetings into Workplace via BlueJeans.
  • Logitech offers Conference Cams, multiple USB audio options, and Logitech Screen Share, which offers HDMI input to BlueJeans Rooms.
  • Microsoft Teams enables enterprise users to participate in video meetings on any platform or device natively from their Teams environment based on its integration with BlueJeans.
  • Polycom provides an easy-to-join experience with one-touch to access BlueJeans meetings, making meetings more intuitive and frictionless.

BlueJeans is hyper-focused on delivering a meetings platform that our customers can trust to build a more productive culture, and we are doing it with partners who share our vision. 

BlueJeans is changing the game. We are walking side-by-side with our partners to meet enterprise customers where they are today, and we are working together to build a plan that can scale with future collaboration needs. We hope you’ll join us. 

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