The Hybrid Work Paradox is inevitably something that all organizations will be facing in the coming months. While an overwhelming number of employees are interested in retaining the flexibility of remote work, these same workers are still craving the opportunity to pop into an office for the occasional brainstorming or strategy session. Of course, with our newfound flexibility, it’s going to be rare to have the entire team onsite the next time an “office day” pops up on the calendar.  

Ultimately, our comfort with video conferencing will pay dividends as we breach the next era of hybrid and distributed work, but we will still need to manage through the overarching lack of technological enablement that we currently have in offices today to support high-quality video conferencing. According to Frost & Sullivan, out of the nearly 90 million meeting rooms worldwide, only 7.8 percent are video-enabled. This number is simply too low to support the collaboration requirements for the rapidly ascending generation of hybrid organizations.   

Therefore, with this partial return-to-office sea change about to take flight, organizations need to move quickly to outfit their huddle spaces and conference rooms with gear that is quick to deploy, easy to use, and ensures a high-quality meeting experience for everyone that participates, whether they are in the room or not. 

With these requirements in mind, we are excited to announce a brand-new Android-based version of BlueJeans Rooms to power the next-generation of premium room-based video conferencing. Furthermore, we are thrilled to partner with the industry’s leading room system manufacturer, Poly, to launch our new experience alongside their radically simple Poly Studio X series. BlueJeans Rooms running on the Poly Studio X series will enable our customers to immediately transform how conference room-bound employees are able to participate in hybrid meetings.  

BlueJeans Rooms will run natively on all three Studio X Series devices: 

  • Poly Studio X30: Get your huddle and small rooms up and running quickly.  The compact, lightweight design easily fits on top or underneath in-room displays and features powerful audio, beamforming microphone array, smart camera, and noise blocking innovations to deliver boardroom quality performance.  
  • Poly Studio X50: Outfit your medium-sized conference rooms in minutes.  It’s easy to install and delivers rich, room-filling sound, advanced microphone design, dual display support, and more.  
  • Poly Studio X70: Turn any large-room video call into a hassle-free delight with high end optics, AI-driven camera array, and powerful two-way stereo speakers.  Poly Studio X70 uses its dual lenses and 4K sensors to transition seamlessly between wide-angle and narrow lenses, showing everyone in your space in sharp detail for smarter hybrid meetings.  

In addition to the Poly Studio X Series, BlueJeans Rooms is certified to work with the Poly G7500 for customers interested in deploying a modular system for video conferencing that provides for flexible configurations that meet the needs of the most complex room environments.  

The new BlueJeans Rooms Android experience features our incredibly intuitive calendar integration that enables one-touch meeting join for streamlined meeting access directly from the Poly TC8 controller. Each new Poly room is easily deployed through BlueJeans Command Center, which also provides real-time room analytics to monitor and track device performance. Remote device management makes it easy to troubleshoot room issues from afar, freeing up precious IT and facilities resources. Additionally, the new native app experience will support both BlueJeans Meetings and BlueJeans Events, so whether you are in a 1:1 meeting or presenting to 150,000 virtual event attendees, you will be able to take advantage of Poly’s incredible audio and video capabilities.  

The new Android-based BlueJeans Rooms app will be generally available in October. Customers will have the option to purchase a standalone Rooms software subscription or take advantage of our unique Rooms-as-a-Service offering that bundles hardware and software together, which will be available in Q4.

As organizations continue mapping out how they will best enable employees to be successful in a hybrid world, we couldn’t be more excited to deliver these exciting new innovations alongside Poly to best prepare our customers for what’s next.