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BlueJeans Accelerator: Crystal-Clear Streaming With No Network Stress

Bandwidth management is among the top challenges faced by businesses that host large internal town hall events. Given the high number of attendees requesting the same video stream, it’s no wonder the image can appear pixelated if too many users are watching the event within the same local network. However, the issue doesn’t just affect those audience members watching the webcast—connectivity can be compromised across the entire local-area network (LAN). Avoiding these “choke” points is critical for any business trying to maintain streaming quality while the rest of the network operates at full capacity.

BlueJeans Accelerator is a caching engine that minimizes network stress while maximizing video resolution. By consolidating multiple video streams into a single stream from the BlueJeans cloud, Accelerator improves the viewing experience and prevents network bottlenecks.

Broadcasting live video to hundreds, or even thousands, of attendees during town hall events can result in poor video quality if there’s not enough bandwidth available. To address this problem, BlueJeans Accelerator was developed to reduce video pixelation and buffering by at least 15 percent. All streaming video requests are internalized from the viewers’ endpoints to Accelerator, instead of multiple requests coming from viewers’ endpoints to the BlueJeans cloud. This provides tremendous bandwidth savings, while ensuring the best possible event experience and high-quality live video for all attendees.

Key features of BlueJeans Accelerator include:

  • Software Solution
  • Built-In Redundancy & High-Availability
  • Compatible with Firewalls & Proxies
  • Easy to Install and Manage
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Analytics
  • Multi-Device Delivery

Available now, BlueJeans Accelerator is a virtualized software that can be installed within your local network’s virtual machines. Up to 300 endpoints are supported for every deployment; however, multiple Accelerator nodes are also supported in a single location for increased capacity.

For more information on Accelerator, see this data sheet. Want to host better town halls? Try BlueJeans Events today!