Back in my day, going to class meant walking for five miles (one way!) and in the snow no less, since closing for ‘inclement weather’ was for chumps. These days, factors like distance or weather are one less hurdle students have to cross, thanks to innovations like video conferencing. Along with providing access to remote education, video also empowers students and teachers to make learning more collaborative and fun. It also enables researchers to collaborate effectively from anywhere in the world. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that Blue Jeans Network has passed the Internet2 NET+ Service Validation process, making our video conferencing platform available to all schools and universities nationwide. Comprised of more than 245 U.S. universities, Internet2 is a collaborative community whose members develop innovative technology solutions to address research and education challenges. In order to pass service validation, Blue Jeans worked closely with five major universities and underwent a series of rigorous tests, focusing on product enhancements and integration with other Internet2 services. We’re also offering a flat rate pricing model for 3 years, which includes unlimited, free access to students. To find out more about this news, read the full press release here

Here are some of my favorite ways to bring video into the classroom