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Fanatics Scores a Touchdown Using BlueJeans for Team Collaboration

No one is preparing for the Super Bowl this week as much as Fanatics' employees. That’s because no matter who wins or loses in Sunday’s game, one thing is certain—the Fanatics website is going to be “blitzed” with fans trying to buy football gear in support of their favorite championship team.  

For Fanatics, an innovative ecommerce brand that partners with professional sports leagues, leading collegiate programs and some of the biggest globally recognized soccer clubs, the fans come first.

Recently, the company took customer service to a whole new level by partnering with Uber to bring fans celebratory merchandise for all of the country’s major sports leagues—including the NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA and NHL—immediately following a big win. This “always on” approach to quickly delivery earned Fanatics a Fast Company 2018 Most Innovative Company award.

This also means all hands are on deck during major sporting events like Sunday’s big affair, with no fumbles allowed. As such, having a reliable, cost-effective way for employees to collaborate across departments and brand sites is of the utmost importance. Fanatics’ internal collaboration tools, however, didn’t meet the usability and reliability needs of its modern, distributed workforce—until BlueJeans.

“BlueJeans is a centerpiece of our collaboration environment,” said Anthony Pearson-Vinn, Fanatics’ Corporate Systems Manager.

As part of a larger digital transformation initiative focused on modernizing the company’s collaboration technologies, Fanatics went with BlueJeans’ scalable, cloud-based service to boost productivity and better reflect the innovations they were making as a retail brand. By integrating with workplace tools like Office 365, Slack, and Cisco room system hardware, BlueJeans quickly became integral to daily, enterprise-wide collaboration.

While the company’s legacy web conferencing service lacked the ability to capture real-time metrics to isolate and resolve issues that popped up, with the built-in dashboard in the BlueJeans Command Center, the Fanatics’ Corporate Systems team is able to instantly identify performance issues and proactively reaches out to affected users. Additionally, they now have the ability to accurately measure usage, centrally manage their BlueJeans deployment and report on ROI.

The Fanatics IT team transitioned the company fully to BlueJeans over a four week period, and employees are loving it! The service has received a 94% approval rating internally, and Pearson-Vinn estimates employees are saving approximately 80 hours of work per year due to BlueJeans’ one-touch meeting connections being available from anywhere, including mobile devices.

Beyond improving productivity for existing employees, Fanatics has also been able to quickly provision hundreds of accounts for new employees to support collaboration between new business units without manually deploying new hardware or software—something the company will continue to benefit from as Fanatics grows across geographies and offices. With the addition of BlueJeans Events, Fanatics is now able to facilitate remote trainings for their expanding employee base.

Finally, using BlueJeans has become a critical component for executive communications worldwide. Fanatics CEO Doug Mack regularly uses BlueJeans Events to host professional-grade, all-hands meetings through live video stream. These global broadcasts include Q&A chat, interactive presenters, and meeting recording for easy playback.

Now that sounds like a winning solution to me! To you and to yours, please have a safe and enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday!

To learn more about how Fanatics uses BlueJeans to get rid of siloes and bridge cross-department collaboration and communication, check out the full case study and read this eWeek article on their story. To test our BlueJeans for your business, download your free 30-day trial today.