Remote-Hybrid Teams


In recent years, remote work has become the norm for many businesses all over the world. Studies show that at least 92% of U.S. employees work at least one day per week remotely. This has led to the creation of remote or hybrid teams, which are composed of both onsite and remote workers. While it offers many benefits, managing remote or hybrid teams can be challenging, and it requires different approaches to overcome these challenges. In this blog post, we'll explore the definition of a hybrid team and share some best practices for managing remote or hybrid teams effectively.

What is a Hybrid Team?

A hybrid team is a flexible work structure where some employees work remotely and other team members work from a central location or office.

The process of managing remote or hybrid teams may seem more like a juggling act, but once you follow best practices and have rules and systems in place, it will become simpler.

Define Roles and Expectations

Establishing roles and expectations for remote or hybrid teams can be confusing since team members aren't in the same office. To mitigate this, define the roles and expectations for each team member as well as the goals and objectives of the team. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards a shared goal.

Create a Communication Plan

Communication is key in remote or hybrid teams as team members aren't located in the same place. It's important to establish a communication plan that suits everyone's working style. Virtual tools such as BlueJeans can aid communication between the team. Setting up regular meetings, daily check-ins, and keeping open lines of communication helps team members stay on top of things.

Optimize Team Meetings

Meetings taking place in a hybrid work environment are different. They include both types of attendees – remote and in-person. With the prevalence of video conferencing platforms, such virtual meetings have become more commonplace. Still, you can face the same challenges of traditional meetings - lack of direction, wasting time, participation from uninvited team members, etc.

Team leaders can effectively run virtual meetings by setting a clearly defined agenda and utilizing video conferencing platform tools available - breakout sessions, screen sharing, virtual collaboration whiteboards, and more.

Set Boundaries

Remote work can blur the line between personal life and work-life, so it's essential to establish boundaries for remote or hybrid teams. This entails defining work hours and scheduling breaks to avoid burnout. Managers can assist their team members by modeling these boundaries, such as not emailing or calling outside of work hours.

Establish Trust

Trust is a significant component of a successful remote or hybrid team. Trust means that team members can rely on each other to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Managers can promote trust by providing their teams with proper resources, training, and opportunities to grow. They can also foster a culture where feedback, questions, and concerns are welcome and openly discussed.

Monitor Progress

Tracking progress is crucial when managing remote or hybrid teams. It's essential to set up a system for measuring team and individual performance. This system can help in identifying areas where improvement is needed, and where team members are excelling. By monitoring progress, managers can keep track of team objectives, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

In summary, managing remote or hybrid teams has its challenges. However, by setting roles and expectations, creating a communication plan, optimizing team meetings, setting boundaries, establishing trust and monitoring progress, managers can successfully lead their remote or hybrid teams. Promoting clear communication, building relationships, and encouraging feedback, and regularly evaluating performance can contribute to a positive team experience for all. As we continue to embrace the future of work, remote, and hybrid teams will become more common, and these best practices will help businesses maximize the benefits of remote work while overcoming the challenges.

So, are you ready to take your hybrid work team to the next level?

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