BlueJeans Virtual Meetings

While video conference calls were already being used, the Covid-19 pandemic helped the concept catch fire as professionals worked from home and no longer traveled for meetings. From sales calls to team meetings, online meeting platforms have made it easier than ever.
You worry that video conferences and online platforms aren't as effective as an in-person meeting or that your day won't be as productive. BlueJeans has a solution to help ensure that you remain as productive as always or even more so. Here's a look at how BlueJeans can help:

What is BlueJeans?
BlueJeans by Verizon is an online platform for virtual meetings, webinars and events, connected rooms, a gateway for Microsoft Teams, and telehealth. You can use the platform to record and get real-time transcriptions. 

Using real-time intelligence, the platform offers the ability to create analytics and automated alerts. There are also live meeting controls to help you be more productive throughout the video conference. 
This online meeting platform offers enterprise-grade security to protect you, your company, and the others involved in the meeting. It offers outstanding interoperability and attendees can join with a single touch despite their device, online meeting platform, or browser. 

3 ways to make your meeting more productive
You always want your meetings to be productive. This seems even more important with online meetings. BlueJeans offers live meeting controls that can help you get the productivity that you need. 
It's easy for meetings to get off track or for participants to forget the context of the meeting or assignments that were made during it. Here's a look at three ways that BlueJeans can make your meetings more productive:

Binge Meetings
There are some days when you have a full schedule of meetings. They fill your day without a break in between them. You worry that you won't be able to make a meeting because you're still in the last one. 
Binge meetings allow you to join your next meeting while you're still in the current one. When your next meeting is one minute away, you'll see an alert that you can click to join it. This feature makes it easy to transition back and forth between the two meetings, so you can attend both. 

Screen Sharing
When you're in an online meeting, there are times when you need to share information that needs to be seen and not only heard. With BlueJeans, you can screen share important information, such as a prepared whiteboard or annotations. You can do it without the need to find cords or cables. 
The screen share-only feature enables you to join a meeting without video or audio. This makes it easier for the attendees to focus on the information presented without anything else to look at or audio that can become distracting. 

There are times when your schedule is too full to attend a meeting that's essential. With BlueJeans, you can easily record the meeting and then watch it at your leisure. 
These recordings offer both high-quality video and audio. You won't miss a single minute or slight hand gesture. You hit the "Start Rec" button, and it's being recorded. Some common reasons to record a meeting include:
●       Future training sessions
●       Review new-employee interviews
●       Review when questions arise about things said or agreed upon at the meeting
●       Staff members unable to attend

A recording of a meeting has value for many reasons and purposes.

BlueJeans is an online meeting platform that can help you and your staff be more productive throughout the day. Its features, such as recording, screen sharing, and binge meeting, make it easier to attend and be productive during video conference meetings.

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