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Best-of-Breed Equals Best-in-Class: BlueJeans Connects Dolby Voice Room with Microsoft Teams

Here’s a sweet question: What do marshmallows, combined with graham crackers, & chocolate and ice cream, combined with bananas & hot fudge have in common? Well, it’s obvious they are both delicious desserts—but, they are also the perfect marriage of three ingredients that are most definitely better together. 

This week, we made two announcements that enable us to bring together seemingly different BlueJeans components in order to cook up our own special 'treat' for customers. 

First, we announced MultiService support, which enables every BlueJeans Room to seamlessly connect to BlueJeans Meetings, Microsoft Teams Meetings, Cisco Webex Meetings, and Zoom Meetings with one-touch. Next, we announced the new Dolby Voice Room Pro, which introduces a brand new, ultra-modern PTZ camera to power Dolby’s landmark immersive video experience in large and long conference rooms. 

Pair these with BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service, which disrupts the traditional room system purchasing cycle by providing an innovative and flexible licensing approach that enables customers to subscribe to the Dolby Voice Room and all associated room services for an all-inclusive monthly subscription, and what do you have? An exciting, new bundled offering that brings together these three distinct components into a single SKU package to make it easier than ever to outfit your huddle spaces and conference rooms for Microsoft Teams Meetings.

For one reasonable price, customers can now subscribe to BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service featuring Dolby Voice Room or Dolby Voice Room Pro and the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams to unlock an incredible video conferencing experience for their Teams users. 

Because the Dolby Voice Room and the Dolby Voice Room Pro come with BlueJeans MultiService, your conference rooms will be able to support a diverse set of needs as your organization shifts and adapts—mitigating concerns around vendor lock-in. Additionally, because this package takes advantage of BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service you will be able to fund this effort with OpEx Budget, not CapEx, reducing much of the heavy lifting associated with traditional room system purchasing and also ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of the subscription, including forward replacement and hardware refresh. 

Unlike many of the other room systems that power Microsoft Teams Meetings, the Dolby Voice Room and the Dolby Voice Room Pro are purpose-built endpoints that don’t require a PC, NUC, or additional tablet to control and manage the conference room experience. The Dolby Voice Hub receives over-the-air updates and security patches automatically to reduce the administrative burden of keeping conference room hardware up to date.   

We are very excited to help our customers navigate their Microsoft Teams journey and we believe that whether they are leveraging the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams to connect their existing conference room hardware to Teams Meetings or deploying the Dolby Voice Room to outfit new rooms, BlueJeans is here to support you along your path. We are the experts in pure SaaS, Cloud Video Interop, and are excited to guide you on your way. 

To learn more about this new offer, please visit this page to learn how you can try a meeting today!