Always-on, binge-worthy, watch-at-will streaming—don’t you love Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime? On-demand shows and movies are wildly popular, and for good reason. Why should content only be consumable during a specific date and time? BlueJeans is applying this user-first mentality to the relentless meetings that currently control your life. Reclaim your calendar at last!!

Double booked? Skip it. Deadline? Decline. Vacay? Seize the day. Our answer to meeting mayhem blends best-in-binge with instant replay. Here’s how.

Spare me the small talk
The truth is, zero meetings start and end without some conversation clutter. One-part chit-chat, two parts logistics, one-part substantive takeaway—that’s a conversation cocktail. We only need the takeaways to successfully do our jobs. What if you could methodically isolate parts of the discussion that are actually worth listening to? Based on the convo equation above, 75% of the meeting is useless fodder, 25% is where the action happens. That’s the part you need.

BlueJeans has rewritten the book on value-based meetings, multiplying time savings and productivity by many orders of magnitude. Rather than attending every meeting that blocks your day, could you instead consume condensed play-by-plays without ever joining the call? By curing common symptoms of meeting over-join—like “FOMO factor” during manager-lead scrums—we’ve found the remedy to hyper-huddle aches. Soon, your work calendar won’t feel so heavy thanks to interactive meeting recaps, all consumable in a matter of moments.

Juggle less and never drop the ball
Whether you missed the meeting intentionally or simply need to catch up from PTO, you’ll never fall behind again. For comparison, think about what you do if you can’t catch your football team on Sunday afternoon. Chances are you’ll watch the top 10 highlights on TV that night. Your work meetings should offer the same summarized playback of any important moments, rather than the entire 60-minute recording (which no one watches anyway). BlueJeans has developed intelligent meeting tools that allow you to quickly consume conversations without drinking from the firehose.

Not only could you absorb the critical 25% (give or take) of any given meeting, but you could prioritize which meetings to attend while skipping those that aren’t necessary. Suddenly your day is filled with more time to complete tasks and less time burning the clock in a conference room.

BlueJeans wants you to reclaim your calendar and free up your workday. We aspire to help you achieve the next level of efficiency, productivity, and work-life balance.

Stay tuned to learn how BlueJeans will improve organizational transparency and accountability, so that you can attend fewer, faster, smarter meetings. #getsmart