Corporate Training with BlueJeans


As more companies embrace remote work, virtual training programs are becoming increasingly essential. But what is virtual training exactly? And what are the benefits of online corporate training? Let’s break it down.

What Is Virtual Training?

Virtual training is a type of online learning that utilizes digital platforms or technologies to deliver instruction, content, or activities in an engaging and interactive manner.

This allows for remote teams to access the same materials as those in a physical classroom setting. The use of virtual training also allows instructors to connect with remote students in real-time, enabling them to track progress and provide feedback quickly and easily.

Benefits of Online Corporate Training

Flexible Learning - One major advantage of virtual training is that it enables employees to take part in professional development without having to travel or take time off from their job. With virtual training programs, employees can access course material at any time, from anywhere — making them incredibly convenient. This allows employees to decide their own pace, schedule and mode of learning. Cost Effective - Online training eliminates the cost of printing materials and reserving an office space for the corporate training program. Instead, online corporate training allows for a one-time investment where employers could record an online training course that can be reused and upgraded for subsequent batches. In addition, utilizing an internal expert to conduct the course reduces the cost associated with travel that would be required if an outside expert was hired. Customization for Corporate Culture - Online corporate training allows employers to create sessions that can be tailored specifically to their organization’s needs, objectives and culture. Online corporate training programs can be designed to include infographics, PDFs, links to helpful YouTube videos and TED talks, podcasts, and case studies. Using different learning modes can simplify complicated material and improve employee engagement. Creates Consistency - Virtual training helps ensure consistency across multiple teams and departments by providing standardized material that everyone is exposed to at the same time. This uniformity helps reduce miscommunication between employees and ensures that everyone is on the same page with regards to company policies and procedures. Ease of Measuring Progress - Data gathered through virtual training can be used to gain insights into team performance and identify areas where further improvement or extra training is needed. Increase Employee Engagement - Virtual training programs can also help increase employee engagement since they provide an opportunity for employees to interact with one another during sessions — something that isn’t always possible with traditional methods of learning. Providing quality training is one of the most critical factors in determining the growth of employees’ professional skills and, in turn, a company’s success. This also creates a solid corporate culture and a healthy employee-employer relationship.

How To Get Started With Online Corporate Training

The first step in getting started with online corporate training is finding the right virtual meeting platform for your organization’s specific needs.

Whether you are looking to create a weekly virtual meeting as part of your virtual training program or a webinar, it’s essential that you create detailed course materials so that everyone understands the expectations of each session. You should also make sure that everyone has access to the necessary technology (i.e., computers, internet, applications) so they can participate fully in each session without any issues or delays. Finally, you should ensure everyone is familiar with the platform before beginning any sessions to avoid any confusion during class time! Virtual training programs offer numerous benefits for businesses who employ remote workers or are looking for more convenient ways to train their staff members professionally every day tasks and roles within the company. By utilizing virtual learning tools such as webinars, videos, e-learning modules, etc., businesses can save money on travel costs, engage employees effectively, customize course materials based on their needs, and track progress quickly.

With careful planning, businesses can reap all the benefits of online corporate training programs. If you're not already using video conferencing for your business, now is the time to start! Don’t have BlueJeans Meetings yet? BlueJeans Basic is Free, sign up!!!