Live Event Software


Hosting a live webinar is the perfect way to connect with your audience, share information, and engage with customers. It also offers a great opportunity to build relationships and foster collaboration. Whether you’re an education provider, business owner, or simply looking to create an event to engage with participants in a more informative way, the right webinar software can help you accomplish your goals. 

But how do you choose the best live webinar platform?

BlueJeans Virtual Events & Webinars offer a competitive webcasting software solution that allows businesses to host events of up to 50,000 attendees, stream live videos, and generate meaningful analytics reports.

Why are BlueJeans Live Events so Popular?

BlueJeans offers the perfect mix of high-tech features to help you get your point across. From superior screen sharing and streaming services, powerful branding options, social media optimization tools, and engagement analytics - BlueJeans provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that empowers businesses to make an impactful video presence.

What does BlueJeans offer as a Live Webinar Platform?

  1. Global Live Streaming
  2. Audience Engagement
  3. Moderator Control
  4. Meaningful Analytics
  5. Seamless Integration

Live Stream Your Event

Global live streaming for up to 50,000 attendees and 150 presenters from any device without downloading an app. You can also broadcast your event through Facebook Live so that people who don’t have access to the central platform can join in on the action. Plus, BlueJeans Events provides cloud recording so you can review your event or re-share it after it’s ended. 

Engage with Your Audience

Engage with your audience during the event by using BlueJeans easy moderator controls for event management. This includes Q&As and polling options. This helps create an interactive forum where everyone can exchange ideas and share information. Plus, with BlueJeans Events' automated sequences feature, you can easily segment your list of attendees by interest or behavior and send them relevant follow-up emails after the event ends.

Analytics Reports & 24/7 Premium Support

BlueJeans Events also provides valuable analytics reports that allow you to track attendance rates in real time as well as measure engagement levels throughout the duration of your event. And if you ever need help or tech support, BlueJeans Events offers 24/7 premium support for all users.

Seamless Integrations

Maximize the potential of your live events with BlueJeans App Network. This allows you to connect with many different types of platforms that can help with marketing, customer relations, social media, and event management. This means that you can promote your virtual experience more easily and collect leads more effectively, increasing your chances of success.


BlueJeans Live Webinar Platform is the perfect webinar software solution to make the hosting process simpler and more efficient. You can use it to reach up to 50,000 attendees, stream webinars via video, and generate meaningful analytics reports. Plus, its digital dashboard makes moderating webinars easier than ever. Not only can BlueJeans help your webinars run smoothly, but it also provides a great base for starting your marketing efforts. So don't wait any longer - try out a free trial and see what amazing webinars you can create!