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Australia Meets Huddle: Friction-Free Video for the Modern Office

BlueJeans Huddle System in Conference Room

BlueJeans Rooms was officially launched Down Under to a room full of video visionaries, who were keen to discover how the technology can transform workplace collaboration, productivity, and customer support in Australia. Industry analysts from IDC joined us on stage to discuss the future of video conferencing in the modern workplace, where meetings commence with a single touch.

Meaningful Meetings in the Modern Workplace

According to Gensler’s UK Workplace Survey 2016, over 8 million employees work in open plan environments that are not optimally designed. The proliferation of smaller breakout rooms is a trend that we have noticed and are keen to capitalize on. We want to have video readily available and affordable in these rooms, with a user experience that is easy. 

Huddle video enables all meeting spaces on a single platform, making them easy to set up, manage and use. It is perfect for transforming conference rooms for 2-6 people into hubs where up to 100 remote participants can join.

Make the Most of Mini Meeting Spaces

The first thing that we focused on with BlueJeans Rooms was the experience for end users. We wanted to make it simple for those in the meeting and the IT team looking after it. If you are deploying Rooms across hundreds of these mini-offices, it needs to be scalable and intuitive enough to allow this. With more virtual meetings taking place throughout the office, confidentiality was another major consideration, and we are proud of the efforts we have taken to ensure the security of our systems.

Changing the Video Industry

Our own ‘A Screen Star at Work’ research report finds that despite 85 per cent of employees using video in their everyday lives, only 28 per cent said that their employers were proactively encouraging its use at work. This shows that there is a real appetite for integrated video solutions that work as seamlessly in the office as they do in your social life. This simplicity is at the core of BlueJeans Rooms.

In addition to ease-of-use, BlueJeans Rooms offers a raft of inbuilt services like friendly wrap-up reminders, automatic calendar syncing, and integration with BlueJeans Command Centre dashboard that ensure meetings run smoothly and on time. In the near future, we will introduce the capability to ‘pull’ the meeting you’re in, onto your smartphone and move to another meeting room without stopping or pausing the meeting—a service that no other video communication provider provides.

BlueJeans is driven by the vision of being the most loved video meetings platform for businesses, and the release of BlueJeans Rooms is a step toward achieving this vision. To enable the workforce of the future to communicate with ease, the question we ask is not how scalable or reliable our service is—we ask if it is a service that people want to use and ultimately love. 

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