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All Talk, No Action? Here's a Sign Your Meetings Need to Change

Pushing projects over the finish line usually feels like a marathon, rarely a sprint. Between dependencies, deadline slips and meeting fatigue, it’s no wonder momentum often grinds to a halt. One of the biggest reasons that projects seem to extend on forever is due to a lack of consistency around action item documentation, tracking and follow-up. This means the wheels spin in place meeting after meeting, because project owners and collaborators have no real standard of keeping colleagues accountable.

To never let another task fall through the cracks, BlueJeans will soon offer a cutting-edge solution to manage follow-through, assign actions, and improve accountability.

Actions speak louder than words
Have you heard of the say/do ratio? According to Inc., it quantifies the ratio of things you say with the things you follow through on and do. Ideally, when your say:do ratio is 1:1, it means you’ve accomplished what you said you would. How many times have you attended the pre-meeting, meeting? Or worse, the pre-meeting, prep-meeting? The number of meetings in an average work week is astounding, often without ever making a meaningful dent in the workload. BlueJeans believes it is mission critical for every company to improve their say:do — specifically, by increasing the ‘do’ score with live- and post-meeting assignment tools that drive outcomes, not just more meetings.

Digital earmarks
Assigning next steps needs to be easier. Today, virtual meeting solutions don’t include a standard method for flagging contributors about their responsibilities. And if individuals miss a meeting, you can bet they won’t scan the recording looking for more work. This causes the due date dominos to tumble. Without the opportunity to establish clear line-of-sight into project needs, great ideas die on the vine and assignments get lost in the shuffle.

Less is more
Regardless of role or function, every employee deserves a better solution for understanding what they are responsible for and having an improved workflow for tracking progress.  Building a consistent and automated approach for managing actions can increase organizational throughput, and better yet reduce the overall number of meetings throughout the work week. By meeting less, you can accomplish more, and that’s the building block of our newest technology.     

BlueJeans wants you to reclaim your calendar and free up your workday. We aspire to help you achieve the next level of efficiency, productivity, and work-life balance. Stay tuned this fall to learn how BlueJeans will improve organizational transparency and accountability, so that you can attend fewer, faster, smarter meetings. #getsmart