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Are You a Meetings Master or Optimization Infant?

There are more than 55 million meetings held every day in the United States alone, but not all meetings are productive. Setting up the conference room, downloading video conferencing software, dialing into conference lines, and working with IT to troubleshoot issues takes lots of time—time that could be better spent in the meeting itself.

One of the biggest causes of unproductive meetings is the technology itself. The good news is that this can be easily fixed with solutions designed for modern meetings. Whether your organization is looking to upgrade your audio conferencing system, enhance your video system, or better track ROI, there is a solution for you.

Today, we launched an assessment that will help determine where your organization stands on the meeting maturity spectrum. Your company may be a meetings master, enabling employees to host productive meetings from any device, and then tracking usage across the system. Alternatively, your organization could be an optimization infant, just learning how to effectively eliminate redundant tools and deliver the insights your team needs to succeed. Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between.

Whether you need an entirely new system, or just a few simple tweaks to fine-tune simplicity and compatibility, BlueJeans is here to help. Take the assessment and see where you stand!

Discover where your organization stands on the meetings maturity spectrum.