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Are You Asking the Right Questions When Choosing a Cloud Video Interop Solution?

Transitioning an organization to Microsoft Teams can be hard. Utilizing a Cloud Video Interop (CVI) solution should make it easier. Choosing the right CVI is a critical to your overall strategy as it should complement your Microsoft Teams implementation by smoothing the deployment process, simplifying the user experience, and delivering integrated performance management to monitor quality and utilization. 

For those looking to accelerate Microsoft Teams adoption, the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams is our Microsoft-certified Cloud Video Interop solution that allows you to easily bring the power of Teams video meetings into your conference rooms and huddle spaces without having to rip and replace existing conference room hardware investments. That’s right—BlueJeans’ pure SaaS solution can connect thousands of room systems to Microsoft Teams without requiring any additional infrastructure or maintenance!

Not quite ready to take the CVI plunge? If you’re in the early phases of vetting CVI solutions, we recently published a “5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cloud Video Interop Solution” eBook to help facilitate you along in your search for the perfect solution. Here’s a snapshot of the questions and considerations from the eBook:

  1. Does the architecture align with my organization’s strategy?

To start, it’s necessary to understand the difference between pure SaaS solution and hybrid cloud solutions in order to align your CVI with the service model that best meets your organization’s needs.

When CVI is delivered in a pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) form factor, customers typically experience faster time-to-deployment because all relevant infrastructure and administration components are delivered as part of the service. On the flip side, a hybrid cloud solution gives customers more control over where their service operates and which IaaS provider they use, but often involves more IT overhead.

  1. How easy is it to configure and deploy?

Microsoft Teams deployments can be cumbersome and resource intensive. The change management by itself can be a nightmare for IT administrators. The CVI options available today are all different—especially when it comes to SaaS vs. hybrid—so be sure to assess the complete breadth of resources required to operationalize the service.

  1. Will I be able to automate updates and easily access real-time analytics?

As admins are driving adoption of Microsoft Teams across their organization, they often have their hands full getting end users to leverage all of the functionality packed into Teams. Any disruption to that core functionality could be detrimental to their change management efforts. Therefore, Microsoft Teams Meetings need to be available at all times.

Your CVI solution should come with an analytics dashboard that simplifies room management and provides insight into historical and live meeting statistics. The BlueJeans Gateway comes with our award-winning real-time management dashboard, Command Center.

Command Center provides instant visibility across their entire BlueJeans environment by delivering in-meeting analytics, instant alerting, and live meeting controls.

  1. Will my users be able to access a Teams Meeting with 1-Touch?

To simplify the end-user experience, CVI solutions can provide a one-touch join experience that makes it incredibly simple to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting and remove this obstacle to adoption. The benefit of having a one-touch join experience allows for a consistent join flow across every room that will streamline meeting access regardless of room type or location and will lead to greater adoption of Microsoft Teams Video Meetings.

  1. Does the CVI vendor offer a flexible purchasing model?

Any new solution should deliver a simple, service-based model with flexible procurement options that meet various use cases. For CVI, this should include potential licenses for named hosts, enterprise-wide options, and concurrent connections. Flexible licensing makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to get up and running quickly with the license that best suits their requirements.

The BlueJeans Gateway enables you to make the most of your existing hardware investments, while providing the ultimate in flexibility during the rollout of Microsoft Teams across your organization.

For more information, check out this demo video of the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams, and Try a Teams Meeting today!