Five months ago, we announced the ability to connect Lync endpoints together into video conferences along with Skype users and with room based conferencing and TelePresence systems like Cisco and Polycom through the Blue Jeans cloud.   No one else can do all of this today. 

Since that announcement we’ve been overwhelmed by customer interest.  It is obvious that many enterprises have Lync migration in their roadmap for 2012-2013, as they look to upgrade their OCS deployment and move towards Lync on-premise, or move to the cloud and use Lync Online via Office 365. While both of these solutions provide excellent peer-to-peer presence and calling functionality without expensive hardware solutions, Blue Jeans adds tremendous value for secure, scalable, multiparty, interoperable video conferencing.

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I hate to date myself, but I entered the workforce before the web was the standard business tool it has become today.

Back then we had libraries at work to get access to the reports and facts and figures we needed. Our phones and computers had wires that tethered us to our desks, and if we wanted to see a coworker, partner or customer, we flew, drove, or walked there.

And we walked to work,… in the snow,… up hill,… both ways… 

It was a dark time.

Kidding aside, I distinctly remember when the web started to take off in business. It was 1994 and this company called Netscape was generating a lot of buzz with its browser. The company would eventually go public in 1995 at $14 a share.  Seemed expensive at the time…

I remember the discussions back then...

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