There’s a spring in our step here at BlueJeans thanks to some fantastic news from industry analysts! BlueJeans is honored to appear as a ‘leader’ in the 2020 Aragon Research Globe for Web and Video Conferencing. Coming on the heels of BlueJeans’ ‘hot vendor’ status announced last August, Aragon’s experts awarded us with high marks in this very competitive market category.

See for yourself! Here’s a look at this year’s Globe for Web and Video Conferencing. BlueJeans Smart Meetings is cited specifically for improving team productivity with in-app crowd sourcing and intelligence that captures and assigns action items.

Learn more below about Aragon’s judging criteria and analysis of each vendor in this widely contested space.

Aragon Research Globe Overview

This third-party analysis of web and video conferencing vendors visually represents the market constituents using three dimensions for comparative evaluation. Instead of only focusing on revenue and market share, Aragon considers strategy, performance, and global reach as key performance indictors used to determine position within the grid. This methodology reflects how providers’ comprehension of evolving market dynamics and customer expectations translates into a future-proof solution for organizations around the world.

Dimensions of Analysis

The following parameters are tracked in this analysis:

Strategy reflects the degree to which a vendor has the market understanding and strategic intent that are at the forefront of market direction. That includes providing the capabilities that customers want in the current offering and recognizing where the market is headed.

Performance represents a vendor’s effectiveness in executing its defined strategy. This includes selling and supporting the defined product offering or service.

Reach is a measure of the global capability that a vendor can deliver. Reach can have one of three values: national, international or global.

In previous years, Aragon’s “Leader” billing has been awarded to top vendors in other markets, such as Dropbox, Microsoft, Slack, and Google. We’re humbled to be in such outstanding company! Here’s their summary of BlueJeans products and services:

“BlueJeans, under the leadership of CEO Quentin Gavillan, has continued to grow powered by its high-quality video meeting service. In October 2019 BlueJeans launched Smart Meetings which includes the ability to capture action items during a meeting and to tag important discussion points for later recall in a recording. These advanced features can enable higher forms of team productivity. BlueJeans continues to partner with Dolby and added support for Dolby Voice Rooms. BlueJeans now also offers interoperability with other providers including Cisco, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. BlueJeans also integrates with third party solutions such as Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, Workplace by Facebook, and other applications. BlueJeans Rooms, powered by Dolby, provides an accessible and easy-to-use, in-room video meeting solution to easily modernize workspaces. BlueJeans also offers a robust Events offering for Townhalls as well as for Virtual Classes. Video Meetings now includes Dolby Voice, which was upgraded in 2018 to focus on a premium voice experience that enables 360-degree voice pickup from meeting room participants. The BlueJeans Events offering was one of the first to offer integration and management of a Facebook Live Event.”

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