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Announcing BlueJeans for Safari

BlueJeans for Safari

Ease of use and accessibility are table-stakes when it comes to enterprise collaboration. Modern work tools must function beyond the walls of your organization and work with the tools people already use. With that in mind, we are excited to announce BlueJeans support for Safari on macOS High Sierra. This release leverages WebRTC to enable real-time, browser-based voice and video conferencing with no plugin or download required. This development signals another step in BlueJean’s commitment to bringing easy to use, interoperable video meetings to our customers—wherever they are.

With the release of Safari, BlueJeans users will benefit from:

  • One-click, face-to-face video meetings accessible from the browser millions of people already use
  • Enhanced user preference and control when hosting and joining video meetings
  • A friction-free experience for the 30% of meetings that take place with external stakeholders*

In the past, people turned to the phone when they were unsure of what technology other meeting participants had at their disposal. Conference dial-ins were a safe bet for sales calls, candidate interviews, and customer support interactions because phones are familiar and easily accessed. But given that more than 70% of communication is nonverbal, audio-only meetings are second-rate at best.

Our goal is to provide easy, high-quality meeting experiences using tools everyone has—like the browser. The release of Safari support, combined with our existing support for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, further solidifies BlueJeans as the leader in delivering browser-based, video meeting experiences.

Learn more about how WebRTC is beneficial to your business. 
*Based on BlueJeans meeting data.