As remote workers continue their quest to remain productive while working from home, our team at BlueJeans has been accelerating the delivery of specific roadmap features to support our customers during these unprecedented times.

As the majority of workers now join meetings from their home offices, it’s only natural that there will be ongoing fluctuations in network quality as remote employees juggle their own meetings as well as other video calls/virtual learning/media streaming that are occurring at the same time on their network. With this in mind, BlueJeans Meetings has provided users with a series of manual options to manage the media traffic coming in and out of BlueJeans.

Users now have the option to not only mute their video feed, they can also disable video coming into their app as well, which will provide bandwidth savings in case of poor network performance. Additionally, users have the option to easily disable their computer audio and switch to phone audio (PSTN) if network performance is not delivering the desired results. These simple options will ensure that meetings remain productive, even when home networks are being taxed to the max.As BlueJeans utilization has surged, we have also seen a significant uptick in requests regarding BlueJeans best practices and tips for modifying meeting settings. In response to these requests we have made it easier than ever to quickly access our support resources as well as your My BlueJeans page directly from the desktop app.

In the same spirit as making these resources more visible, we have also introduced a Quick Lock button next to the recording button that will make it easier for meeting moderators to lock their meetings without having to open up the Settings tray to prevent unwanted parties from joining.

Finally, we have introduced some new features within the BlueJeans in-meeting chat experience to improve collaboration and better capture the conversation that happens there. Chat has seen a 10x surge in usage over the past 2 months as remote employees and distance learners have been searching for ways to replace in-person collaboration. In an effort to improve the chat flow, we have introduced a rich set of emojis to help users better express the feelings behind their comments. Now that we are seeing more activity occurring through chat, we have also introduced the ability to download the chat dialogue in case meeting hosts want to reference it once the meeting has concluded.

BlueJeans is committed to continuing to innovate on behalf of our customers and making the remote work experience as productive as possible. In addition to these features, we have a host of new roadmap items that we can’t wait to share over the coming weeks and months. If there are additional feature ideas that you would like to share with the product team, please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager.