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8 Tips to Conduct Better Video Meetings

Tips for Better Video Meetings

At the end of the day, online video conference meetings aren't that different from your standard live meetings. However, there are some subtle differences which you can use to your advantage to put your best foot forward and present your ideas in the best possible light. Wondering what those advantages might be? Check out this list of eight tricks to perform better in an online video conference.

  1. Treat Virtual Meetings as You Would a Live Meeting
    Online video meetings might give users more flexibility in their scheduling and point of access, but they should be treated with the same attention and courtesy of meetings in person. Avoiding last minute schedule changes, allowing adequate time for others to share, and generally being conscious of all participants will help you to have a productive meeting.
  2. Be Prepared
    As with any meeting, preparation is the key to success in a video meeting. Taking the time to prepare any relevant materials and update yourself on the status of projects to be discussed in the meeting is always important. 
  3. Use Content Sharing to Your Advantage
    BlueJeans supports rich content sharing, so you can include any materials that might be beneficial to your meeting. Deliver better presentations with slideshows, collaborate with team members on documents, or even stream high-definition video without the need for an external player. With BlueJeans, content sharing is simple and intuitive.
  4. Consider Your Setting
    Because meeting participants can join a video conference from virtually anywhere, it's important to take your setting into consideration. Try to avoid spaces that might be distracting like coffee shops, and find somewhere quiet with a limited chance of interruption.
  5. Dress Consistently
    While you might not be joining a meeting in the same physical conference room, your appearance is still important in a video conference. Dress consistently with your standard professional attire to ensure the meeting meets the same high level of professionalism as your meetings in person.
  6. Include Relevant Participants
    BlueJeans makes it easy to include up to 100 meeting participants with a simple URL invitation by email. While your colleagues might not be able to make it to a physical meeting, BlueJeans allows you to bring them in for virtual support. If you're planning a larger meeting, the BlueJeans Events platform supports up to 15,000 interactive participants and gives hosts controls to ensure the meeting goes smoothly.
  7. Utilize Meeting Recording Features
    With Blue Jeans, users can devote their entire attention to the meeting without the need for meticulous note-taking. The Blue Jeans meeting recording features allow you to record your meetings and download an MP4 file including all video, audio, and shared content. 
  8. Call BlueJeans Customer Support
    Should you run into any difficulties setting up or throughout your video conference, the BlueJeans team is available to help with online, phone, and email support for customers. You can communicate confidently knowing there's always support available should you need it.

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