It’s the eternal question every planner is facing in this new virtual world: How do I keep my audience engaged and focused on my event, with all the distractions of an at-home environment? At BlueJeans, we are confronting this challenge head on through unique interactive features, seamless tech solutions, in-depth checklists, educational webinars, and much more.

Intrigued? Read on for five ways BlueJeans Events makes it simple to increase audience engagement for virtual events.

1. Adopt easy-to-use technology. Whether you’re hosting a meeting for 10 or a concert for 50,000, the last thing your audience wants to see is the host struggling to work the platform. Rather than being forced to rely on a specialized, fully-trained agency to produce virtual or hybrid events, BlueJeans’ easy-to-use platform makes it simple, regardless of your tech skills (or lack thereof). Through an intuitive moderator dashboard, planners and agencies can easily manage all aspects of the event, quickly incorporating layout changes, screen-shares, muting functions, and more. After all, when you're not worried about troubleshooting the technology, you can focus more on content and attendee interaction. An added bonus? The seamless platform makes it easy for participants and presenters, too.

2. Provide interactive options for attendees. Different event and audience types naturally call for different methods of engagement. For example, a crowd of strangers might do better with anonymous polling functions, whereas a group of co-workers or influencers may be more comfortable speaking on camera through BlueJeans’ “raise-hand” feature, which pulls them onto the virtual stage. Recognizing this need for flexibility, BlueJeans offers a wide variety of interaction-based features, ranging from Q&As and polls to on-camera activities, that can easily be modified as the event goes on—allowing you to customize what makes sense for your specific group.

3. Utilize chat features that allow feedback in real time. Sometimes, the most powerful component of an event—whether it’s in-person or virtual—is the casual connections you make with other attendees. For virtual events, an ongoing chat is a great way to facilitate connections, as well as help drive the conversation and ensure relevancy in real time. BlueJeans Events allows a small event team to help moderate the chat, pose open-ended questions, and follow up during the presentation, offering a variety of opportunities to connect attendees with the sticky, meaningful takeaways they’re looking for.

4. Offer flexible viewing options to reach attendees anywhere, anyhow. For larger events, your audience may be joining from different time zones, or may be juggling child care and other work-from-home distractions. Since BlueJeans Events requires no downloads, it can easily be accessed via mobile devices, laptops, or conference rooms, whatever creates the most streamlined experience for your busy attendees. Plus, a single gathering can easily host as many as 50,000 virtual attendees and 150 presenters, and stream to Facebook Live for an even larger reach—but the platform’s interactive tools can still facilitate meaningful, engaging, and intimate experiences.

5. Leverage trusted, in-depth support from experts. Let’s face it: We could all use a little help navigating the world of virtual events. To support its clients, BlueJeans offers detailed checklists to help guide you through every step of the process. Plus, the company has hosted expert webinars outlining best practices, and continues to optimize the technology based on suggestions from its in-house team of event and marketing experts. Sounds like the people we’d want on our side!

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