Video Streaming for Business

Live streaming is a fun, highly-engaging technology for your business to reach a bigger audience – and nowadays, it’s simple to do on your own, too.
If you’re not sure how live streaming fits your business, check out these reasons why it can play an important role in your brand awareness, lead generation, and loyalty initiatives.
In terms of your business, live streaming can:
1.     Introduce the real you to the world.
Whether you are a one-man show or an enterprise-level corporation, your audience craves authentic content from the people behind your brand. Interactive live streaming removes the veil and lets the world see and listen to the real humans who are leading the way. Sending your live stream through platforms like Facebook and YouTube gets your content in front of more people where they prefer to discover new brands and see the ones they already love.
2.     Engage your existing customers.
For those customers who already invest in your service or purchased a product, live streaming can take that commitment to the next level. For example, you can demonstrate a new and interesting way for people to use your software or showcase a brand-new accessory for your best-selling items. Creative software leader, Adobe, regularly hosts live content on LinkedIn where it shares creative inspiration with the audience.
3.     Position you as an expert.
Hosting a live stream Q&A or “ask me anything” session is not only helpful for your audience; it can also be an excellent opportunity to establish authority in your space by providing expertise to viewers. Perhaps you can shed some light on how to use your product or discuss important trends affecting the audience. You can also learn a lot about your customer base and what’s important to them, helping you shape future messaging and offers.
4.     Increase engagement with other media.
Live streaming can be a perfect opportunity to lead viewers from your live content to existing assets, like a video playlist, targeted landing page, or sign-up form. It can help you generate more qualified leads by aligning live stream content with media that’s a logical next step in the process. And, if your business has assets that aren’t performing as expected, you may want to consider a live stream to generate real-time awareness.
5.     Expand your event audience to viewers worldwide.
If you have an in-person, hybrid or virtual event coming up, consider live streaming some or all your content. This way, you can increase exposure of your presentations to everyone from remote employees and vendors to long-distance learners, partners, and buyers. You can even live stream an event on YouTube Live.

Get More Live Streaming Ideas for Your Business
Check out the latest live streaming trends to see what companies like yours are putting out in the world. Then, try it yourself with a free trial of BlueJeans Events – which includes our  user-friendly live streaming tools.