People Using BlueJeans Video Conferencing

Au revoir clunky video equipment, glitchy screen sharing and randomly muted audio! Now that you have BlueJeans, you have access to reliable, secure, easy-to-use video meetings. Need help getting started? Below are a few tips for hosting a flawless first meeting.

Access Your Account

First things first: Have you logged in yet? If so, congrats! You’re one step ahead, and you can proceed to Step 2. If not, read on.

There are a few different ways you can receive your credentials to access your BlueJeans account:

  1. Did you receive an email invite? This invite will drop you directly into your account. From there, you can access your account settings and use your BlueJeans dashboard to schedule and join meetings straight from your browser.

  2. Are you logging in from your company’s SSO (single sign-on) service? If your company uses an SSO, such as Okta, ADFS or Onelogin, your BlueJeans account may be accessed directly from there.

  3. Does your company have a log-in landing page already set up? Lots of companies have custom BlueJeans pages set up for all employees to use. If you’re having trouble finding how to get into your account, this might be the place. Ask your IT admin if your company has one—it will look something like this:

Still feel like we're talking gibberish? Don't hesitate to contact the BlueJeans Support Team or your internal IT admin. When your company signs up for BlueJeans, we teach your IT team everything they need to know to help you have the best experience possible.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you log in to your BlueJeans account for the first time, don’t be afraid to click around and explore on your dashboard. There are many ways to start meetings, invite others to meetings, and schedule meetings. Our number one suggestion to get comfortable with it? Find a friend you can practice with, then see how easy it is!

Try out a few of the bells and whistles of BlueJeans in your practice call from your computer:

  1. From your dashboard, click 'Start Personal Meeting' to enter your personal meeting room. You have access to this meeting room 24/7 from any device.
  2. Next, invite a coworker to join you by sending them your link, located at the bottom of the meeting, or by adding their email address under the 'Participants' tab.
  3. Is your coworker in the meeting? Mute yourself, sneeze loudly, and turn Audio back on.
  4. Turn off your video, do a dance, and turn the video back on.
  5. Send your coworker a message about your lunch in the chat.
  6. Share your entire screen, or if you're in the BlueJeans app, just share one application.
  7. Leave the meeting. Set it to drop your coworker from the meeting in 3 minutes.

Pro tip: No practice pals available? Talk to our helpful bird friend, Jean the Parrot.

Consider Your Surroundings

While BlueJeans provides all the audio, video, and tools you’ll need to have a top-notch meeting every time, the ingredients to a perfect meeting extend beyond your conferencing software. Here are a few external factors to be mindful of when going into that first meeting:

  1. Are you in a noisy location? Quiet locations are best for meetings, as your microphone may pick up your surroundings.

  2. How is your Internet connection? Are you wired in, or using WiFi? If you have an unreliable WiFi connection, we recommend wiring in with an ethernet cord, or joining in audio-only mode.

  3. Are you using the BlueJeans desktop app, or your browser? For access to all the tools and features BlueJeans has to offer, download the desktop app. If you are using your browser, we recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience.

  4. How is the lighting? You’ll see a thumbnail of yourself before you go live on each meeting. For the best image every time, find a well-lit space.

Audio and Video, All in One

Say goodbye to dialing long conference call numbers on your phone; BlueJeans covers both audio and video for your meetings, so you don’t need to dial in on your phone for audio—video and audio are wrapped up in one! One click opens the meeting, and you can get chatting. Ensure that you have audio that is crisp and clear with these tips:

  1. Too much background noise coming from your end? Try using headphones with a microphone.

  2. Mute yourself. If you’re not the main person talking in the meeting, use the 'T' key on your computer as a pause button to easily unmute and speak up.

  3. Weird echoing on the other end when you’re using headphones? Your computer volume might be too high. Try lowering it a little in your computer settings.

Schedule a Meeting with a Click

No one wants to jump around from app to app when scheduling a meeting. That’s why BlueJeans integrates with your calendar! If your company uses Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, your IT team may have already installed the BlueJeans calendar extension for you. With this extension, you can automatically add a BlueJeans meeting to any invitation with the click of a button. If you don’t see the blue "Add a BlueJeans Meeting" button in your calendar yet, download the extension.

Now that you’ve studied up, it’s time to reward yourself... See how easy it is to schedule a meeting, and report back in the comments!