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4 Best Practices for Modernizing Stand-Up Meetings


If Agile Methodology hasn’t already taken over your organization then get ready—it’s coming. Daily Stand-Up Meetings are a critical component of Agile that bring teams together to provide quick status updates, identify obstacles, and ensure continued momentum. Historically, these meetings were facilitated on-site, but as remote work has become the new normal, globally dispersed agile teams have had to adapt and adopt new technologies to conduct their stand-ups. Here are four meetings advancements that will help distributed agile teams improve their stand-up effectiveness.

Make the Stand-Up Easy to Join
For remote teams, a dependable video conferencing solution is absolutely critical for effective stand-up meetings. Modern video conferencing platforms, like BlueJeans, help remote teams connect while minimizing join disruptions that historically delay progress when others are left waiting. The ease of one-touch join from any device lets remote employees provide valuable input even though they aren’t in the same room.Likewise, BlueJeans’ popular calendar integrations - across desktop, mobile and room systems - allow participants to join effortlessly, without delay or disruption, especially when you’ve got to make your 15-minute stand-up count.

Integrate Workflows to Streamline Meeting Efficiency
Considering that stand-ups are intended to be brief, Scrum Masters or Stand-Up Leaders will want to implement Agile tools that work together to eliminate costly context switching. One of the most important tools within the Agile framework is the Kanban board and stand-ups tend to focused on progress against the board.  But instead of managing the meeting with one technology and the board with another, take advantage of a solution like  BlueJeans’ integration for Trello, which combines the best of both worlds in a single pane of glass.

To improve note-taking and action-iteming, the BlueJeans’ integration for Hugo effectively captures meeting insights, making it simple to set-up future meeting agendas, document key moments, and access notes. By integrating workflows, stand-ups will remain focused on driving productivity and outcomes.   

Establish a Stand-Up Archive
Let’s face it, attendees occasionally miss stand ups. However, this doesn’t mean projects have to be delayed. Being able to record a meeting and have it ready for playback on-demand is valuable for those unable to attend. BlueJeans’ unlimited meeting recording repository lets team members review the discussion and keeps them abreast of decisions made and any follow-up required. In addition to recorded meetings, BlueJeans’ integration with Voicea provides real-time transcriptions and follow-up reminders – adding another helpful dimension for stand-up effectiveness.   

Leverage AI to Improve Communication Quality
If you can’t hear or understand your teammates, how will you know what they’re working on? For remote attendees, in particular, people in the room need to be clearly seen as well as heard. Dolby Voice, a game-changing innovation in audio technology, puts a premium on spatial sound quality in meetings while minimizing unnecessary background noise. By harnessing Dolby Voice, BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room improves both audio and visual elements while using intelligent scene framing to capture people where they are in the room, letting remote attendees focus on them and what they’re saying. A must for any effective meeting.

Stand-ups are valuable team “check ins” and should be treated as a collaborative effort, regardless of a team member’s location. Today, smart meeting solutions are helping drive participation and productivity forward for businesses of all kinds.