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3 Ways to Overcome Meeting Productivity Killers

Meetings are critical to discussing strategy, maintaining relationships and getting work done. When it comes to meeting technology, today’s software tools are built to be highly productive and effective. However, they can also negatively affect work efforts, not only hurting productivity and velocity, but by creating unnecessary delays and frustration when the technology fails to serve the best interests of the user.

Let’s explore the three largest productivity killers to meeting productivity as revealed in a recent BlueJeans Global Survey and discover how the BlueJeans meetings platform overcomes each of them:

Inconsistent User Experience
49% of video conferencing users ranked the inability to easily and quickly join a meeting from any device or room as one of the three largest barriers to meeting productivity. This is a significant shortcoming that inhibits productivity - most notably around platform reliability - and an inconsistent user experience across desktops, mobile devices, and room systems. In a global marketplace, software that doesn’t work with different platforms is unreliable and ineffective. 

Ensure that all attendees can participate on their device of choice, providing a consistent experience and superior convenience. The BlueJeans platform provides a single, intuitive, consumer class experience for online meetings across rooms, mobile devices, and desktops. No matter the endpoint, users see the same green button that makes joining a meeting easy and efficient.

Unclear Audio 
Audio is also a major pain point for video conferencing users, with 45% of survey respondents noting clear audio as an essential component for higher productivity. After all—no one enjoys listening to distracting background noise, deciphering overlapping voices, or fumbling with volume controls to accommodate inconsistent voice levels.

BlueJeans has partnered with Dolby Voice to create a superior, online meeting audio experience. Dolby technology engineered into the BlueJeans cloud suppresses background noise, maintains consistent volume across soft and loud talkers, and makes dialog easier to understand. Better audio allows attendees - regardless of location or device - to hear clearly and communicate naturally, just like they were in the same room.

Join Delays
42% of respondents assert that video conferencing has long been plagued by complicated, inconsistent equipment interfaces and cumbersome passcodes that create barriers to joining meetings on time. Video conferencing tools must be strategically chosen to allow proper integration with the other systems and hardware your business has in place. Otherwise, you can inadvertently slow workflows, impacting your teams’ ability to quickly join a meeting via existing calendaring solutions and collaboration tools.

Focusing on one-touch join from desktops, mobile devices, and room systems, BlueJeans lets users easily and quickly join every meeting at the touch of a button. BlueJeans supports seamless calendar integration with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and other popular calendaring tools so users can simply click to join a meeting right from their familiar schedule of invites.

Productivity killers like the ones we’ve outlined are becoming a thing of the past thanks to modern meeting platforms like BlueJeans. Start increasing productivity across your organization by eliminating these barriers. With a focus on one-touch join capabilities from desktops, mobile devices, and room systems, BlueJeans users can easily and quickly join every meeting at the touch of a button. With crystal-clear Dolby audio and a consistent user experience across platforms, BlueJeans combines modern video, audio, and web conferencing to drive better employee productivity.

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