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10 Must-Follow Future of Work Thought Leaders

As BlueJeans looks at the future of work and how it will impact our lives, it is important that we understand who is discussing these trends and what they are saying. By following influencers at the forefront of this conversation, we can better prepare for how work will change in coming years as we experience this new era of disruption.
To rank those who are most influential in this space, we first identified 366 Twitter users who had either tweeted about “future of work” or used the hashtag #FutureOfWork in 2018, or who included the phrase “future of work” or #FutureOfWork in their Twitter bio at the time we conducted the search. In order to qualify for this list, the users must have a minimum of 500 Twitter followers.
Next, we looked at all the tweets our candidates had published from January to May 2018 and ranked the candidates by how much of their tweet output included “future of work” or #FutureOfWork. The following list comprises the results of that ranking.
  1. Jacob Morgan

    It is likely unsurprising that Jacob Morgan takes the top spot when it comes to those talking about the future of work. A best-selling author, keynote speaker, and business advisor, Jacob works with companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Salesforce, Disney, and others. He runs a weekly Future of Work podcast where he interviews senior executives and hosts The Future in 5, a weekly YouTube series dedicated to exploring the future of work.

  2. Kevin Mulcahy

    A champion of framing trends that shape the future of work, Kevin Mulcahy works with Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm dedicated to the future of learning and working. He is the co-author of The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules for Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees and leads corporate workshops on disruptive trends in the workplace.

  3. Jeanne Meister

    A Founding Partner of Future Workplace, Jeanne Meister is the author of four books on workplace learning, including her most recent collaboration with Kevin Mulcahy above. She is the recipient of the Distinguished Contribution in Workplace Learning Award by the Association for Talen Development, an award given to one executive each year honoring their contribution to the field of workplace learning. In addition to her work with Future Workplace and the Future Workplace Network, Jeanne also writes a Forbes Magazine column titled 2020 Workplace: Preparing for the Future.

  4. David Green

    A globally respected speaker, advisor, and executive consultant on people analytics, data-driven human resources, and the future of work, David Green works with organizations to leverage analytical insights from employee data and improve the employee experience. He owns Zandal Limited, his own management consulting business, and co-chairs the annual People Analytics and Future of Work conference in San Francisco and Philadelphia. 

  5. Alan Lepofsky

    An analyst at Constellation Research, Alan Lepofsky focuses on how technology impacts the future of work. He is interested in how organizations can improve existing business processes by providing access to colleagues, content, and communities to drive productivity. In addition to his work at Constellation Research, Alan is a frequent speaker at industry events and often participates in interviews with press and analysts. 

  6. Stephen Warley

    A self-management coach, Stephen Warley focuses on self-employment as the cornerstone of the future of work. He is the founder of Life Skills That Matter, where he researches and experiments with alternative ways of working. In addition to helping people with the life skills that matter for business, Stephen is also the author of The Only Work Left: How to Manage Your Career as Working for Yourself Becomes the Norm. 

  7. Jeremy Scrivens

    Managing Director of The Emotional Economy, Jeremy Scrivens sees himself as a work futurist and social business catalyst. He works with clients to help build positive social cultures within organizations so employees can become as engaged as possible in their work. Jeremy is also a keynote speaker, transformation facilitator, and future of leadership coach. 

  8. April Rinne

    Focused on helping build a brighter tomorrow, April Rinne specializes in advising companies not only how to survive the future of work, but also how to thrive amidst the unknown. The founder of April Worldwide, she is a keynote speaker who focuses on the new economy, global citizenship, and the future of work. 

  9. Tamara McCleary

    At the intersection of marketing and technology, Tamara McCleary is an internationally recognized expert on branding, influence, and social business. She is the founder and CEO of Thulium, which specializes in social media account-based marketing. Tamara is interested in the digital transformation, machine learning, and social influence.

  10. Nabomita Mazumdar 

    Noted as one of the Top 25 Influential Women on Twitter, Nabomita Mazumdar is regarded as one of the most prominent voices for the future of work, human resources, and women and children empowerment in India. She is the founder of, where she amplifies meaningful messages to society using various forms of media. In addition, Nabomita mentors CEOs, CXOs, and startup founders to help scale business.

Each of these people are thought leaders with a passion for making the future of work more enjoyable for employees and more productive for businesses. We encourage you to follow them to understand more about how the future of work will impact you—and your work—in the years to come.