Video Conference Remote Workers

In the world of remote work trends, there is nothing more prominent than video conferencing. It has become the new normal for how we connect with our teams and clients. The rise in remote work has driven the need for better video conferencing tools that allow us to stay connected no matter where we are.

Video conferencing and remote work go hand-in-hand and is key to driving organizational productivity. A study by Gartner found that 78% of organizations believe that telecommuting improves employee productivity. Furthermore, 84% of organizations believe that telecommuting reduces pollution, traffic, and office costs. 

In order for remote workers to be successful, it is important to build a remote work roadmap that celebrates work-from-anywhere culture, while driving productivity within your organization. And that starts with video conferencing.

Video conferencing has become increasingly popular in recent years as organizations seek to drive productivity and remain competitive. By 2025, the global video conferencing market is expected to grow to $26.82 billion USD. This growth is being driven in part by the rise of remote work. 

How to Make Video Conferencing a Seamless Part of Your Organization

Integrate It Into Your Communication Tools - Choose a video conferencing tool that can be used both on-site and remotely. BlueJeans is an all-in-one remote communication tool that includes high-quality video and audio conferencing, chat, file sharing, and more.

Employee Onboarding and Training - Your IT department will be key to implementing a training program to ensure that all employees, remote workers and managers have a clear understanding of how best to utilize the tools at their disposal. Once your management team has a clear understanding of how to best utilize video conferencing tools, it can be also be incorporated into employee onboarding and training for on-site and remote workers. 

One-on-One Meetings - When managing a team of remote workers, it’s important for managers to schedule a series of meetings to simulate in-person interactions, such as one-on-one check-ins. One-on-one meetings should focus on goal setting, strategies for navigating the organization, and career development. One-on-one meetings can also be productive for meetings with clients and team members collaborating on a project together.

Team Meetings - Team meetings conducted via video conferencing help to improve communication among team members who may be located in different parts of the world or even in different time zones. Furthermore, video conferencing can help reduce missed meetings and make it easier for employees to stay up-to-date on company news and developments. BlueJeans Meetings features breakout sessions that also allows you to divide online meetings into smaller groups for interactive discussions, allowing for more productive meetings. 

Informal Meetings - Also known as “water cooler chats”, should be scheduled periodically for the team to bond virtually. Virtual water cooler chats create open communication for remote workers, providing opportunities to develop camaraderie and feel like a valuable part of the team. Chatting with co-workers, whether about personal topics or work-related subjects, can give birth to new ideas beneficial to the company culture. 

The benefits of using video conferencing for remote workers are clear. By reducing commuting time and costs, improving communication among team members, and making it easier for employees to stay up-to-date on company news and developments, video conferencing can help your business drive productivity while working from home. When building your remote work roadmap, remember to celebrate work-from-anywhere culture while incorporating video conferencing into your strategy in order to set your business up for success.

Video conferencing is an important tool for remote workers and can help drive organizational productivity. When used correctly, video conferencing can help bridge the gap for geographically dispersed teams, provide opportunities for face-to-face collaboration, and create a sense of community for remote workers.

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