An organization is only as good as the people that comprise it. In order to retain the highest caliber employees, you need to keep your team motivated, involved, and engaged. Feeling enthusiastic about one's work leads to personal satisfaction, as well as improved performance which benefits the organization on a whole.

While most human resources departments can tell you that, the tough part is figuring out strategies to maintain that strong level of engagement.

Engagement Levels of US Workers

According to a Gallup poll, less than 31.5% of US workers reported feeling engaged in their jobs in 2014. A full 51%, considered themselves "not engaged" and 17.5% claimed to be "actively disengaged".

When more than half of workers feeling not engaged, it's clear that employers need to place greater emphasis on improving workplace culture and involvement strategies. The simple solution? Consistent communication and powerful collaboration.

Improving Engagement

With Blue Jeans, you give your team the tools they need to work together more effectively, keeping them involved and engaged as they move forward to meet your organization's shared goals. Check out how interactive video conferencing features can help that happen:

  • The Solution to Fit Your Team
    Improving your team engagement begins with giving them the tools they need to work together. With Blue Jeans, it's easy to scale service for your growing enterprise needs. As you onboard new hires, you can easily add new licenses and virtual ports to let them connect with their colleagues and coworkers beyond basic email. Blue Jeans puts video, voice, and messaging at their fingertips on one central, cloud-based platform.
  • Shared File Collaboration
    In most cases, working on a team leads to more substantive results than working alone. By building on each other's strengths, employees can drive better outcomes and reach their goals more efficiently. Blue Jeans offers rich content sharing to make it easier to collaborate on documents, slides, spreadsheets, and even videos, so your team can work together on shared projects whether they're across the office or across the country. It's a smarter way of working together.
  • Reviewing Discussions
    Sharing information is another important part of engaging employees. By keeping everyone up to speed on developments and project progress, employees are able to contribute more meaningfully. While Blue Jeans enables large meetings with up to 100 participants, scheduling conflicts are bound to occur. For those occasions, Blue Jeans meeting recording features let you share full recordings of your meetings including all shared content, so no one misses important information and nothing gets lost in the mix.
  • Flexible Communications
    Sometimes the scheduling isn't the issue, it's the accessibility. With Blue Jeans, our signature platform interoperability allows meeting participants to connect using virtually any device with a camera and an internet connection. Whether it's through a conference room system, an internet browser, a third party software system, or even a mobile device, your employees are always equipped to join the meeting and join the dialogue.

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