Coming Soon to the World of Online Video Calling

What’s coming soon in the world of online video calling? BlueJeans software developers are playing around with a few ideas.

Online Video Calling AI

One is AI, or artificial intelligence. It’s a big word being tossed around in the online video calling world. It’s one thing to record an online meeting and save it for participants to revisit, or for those who couldn’t make it to experience the complete conference call later on. But what if there was a way to dynamically and automatically capture notes in some other form, like a text list or whiteboard drawings, and share those with folks who couldn’t make the online meeting? It would save time, and potentially enable a single employee to effectively attend multiple video calls in the time it currently takes to attend one.

Coming Soon to the World of Online Video Calling

“It’s something people are curious about now: in a nutshell, how to make online video calls more productive both while they’re happening and after they’re over,” says Joe Mann, BlueJeans Technical Manager for Sales Engineering. But what would this AI look like, and how would it work? That remains to be seen.

Upcoming Video Call Projects

1. First, he notes, they’re building out their audio integrations to continue to improve the audio quality of every single BlueJeans online video call: “It’s such a clear differentiator in a crowded market, and thus a key thing we can point to that sets us apart from the rest. That BlueJeans can boast Dolby audio integration—that the Dolby audio-processing software is built into our service for everyone, on every conference call—is a big deal.”

2. Second is conference room hardware integrations with Dolby: getting already-existing wired-up conference rooms to work even better, thanks to Dolby audio. We’ve seen some amazing advances in the last few years with what’s called “spatial audio” or “directional audio,” where you are sitting in a wired-up room, online video calling in a remote, wired-up room, and can actually tell—with your eyes closed—if the person talking in the remote room is on the left or the right.

If you’ve watched for instance professional basketball on television lately, you already know how astoundingly precise directional audio can be, and those advances are trickling into all sorts of other applications as well, for instance BlueJeans Rooms online video calling.

3. Third, and the one that will be most obvious to all BlueJeans users everywhere, is the re-architecture of desktop online meeting application. “We’re rebuilding it from ground up,” Mann reports. “It’s a huge effort, but the performance improvement will be really apparent. It’ll be not only more user friendly, but better looking. Less about buttons and icons, and more about intuitiveness.”

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