Welcome to BlueJeans: The Video Conference That's Tailored to You

Congratulations on transforming your video calls, webinars, live streaming, video conference calls, online meetings and more with the award-winning BlueJeans! Here you’ll find a how-to landing pad for launching and deploying the essential features and functions of all of BlueJeans’ industry-leading video conference and live streaming platforms.

What is BlueJeans?

Hosting a video conference or online meeting should be as easy as walking into a room. BlueJeans is a cloud-based, scalable video conference and live streaming platform that provides the easiest, secure and most reliable face-to-face video calling—with unparalleled features and simplicity. BlueJeans is designed to be interoperable, an innovative approach that allows you to initiate, and easily connect to, online meetings regardless of device or location. We have partnered with Dolby to deliver unparalleled audio to all of your BlueJeans online meetings and video calls. 

What Can I Do With BlueJeans Video Conferencing?

Ready to dive in? Here are some of the key BlueJeans features you’ll find useful with instructions, and some step-by-step video tutorials, for getting started with video conferencing, online meetings, and live streaming:
  1. Here’s a great video overview on how to set up your BlueJeans account, review scheduling options, look at the BlueJeans app dashboard, and review best practices in the meeting.
  2. Learn how to schedule an online meeting directly through your BlueJeans account or read instructions here.
  3. Use BlueJeans Scheduler for Mac or BlueJeans Scheduler for Outlook or watch the video here.
  4. Here’s how to download BlueJeans for your Android device or your iOS device.
  5. Join a BlueJeans meeting from your mobile device.
  6. Share your screen during your meeting.
  7. Learn how to control another participant’s desktop screen with remote desktop control.
  8. Join a video call or meeting using a room-based system.
  9. Record, watch, and share your video meetings.
  10. Live broadcast your town hall or all-hands meeting with BlueJeans Events.
  11. Create a group Huddle meeting across your workplace.
  12. Broadcast your meeting using onSocial to Facebook Live.

Browse, Learn and Share with BlueJeans Community

BlueJeans’ Resource Hub provides a centralized array of industry news, tips and best practices for all things video conferencing! Discover the most common mistakes made during video meetings (yes, we see you in those pajama pants when you get up from your seat and walk away without logging off first!) in BlueJeans’ Meeting Mindfulness video or check out an eBook for a range of relevant and practical topics. Have questions or comments regarding deployment, support, or other BlueJeans functionality? The BlueJeans Community Page is the place to ask or share with both BlueJeans team members and other BlueJeans users.