What’s coming soon in the world of online video calling? BlueJeans software developers are playing around with a few ideas.
You can’t have a video call without audio. More and more, customers are making really good audio a requirement, not a "nice-to-have". Audio quality has been a thorn in the side of the video conferencing world for decades, but BlueJeans immediately made better audio quality a primary objective. New audio codecs, or “audio stacks,” are always coming out: G.722 and Opus are just two of many. Dolby Laboratories’ audio conferencing codec, however, has been a game changer that provides incredible advancements, and BlueJeans knew right away that it was the one to integrate into its services.
Work involves constant business meetings, there’s no denying it. Which inevitably leads to the pesky problem of how to optimize them. Possible meeting solutions: Should our group have a daily stand-up? Should we institute a company-wide ban on Friday meetings, so everyone has at least one day to do the work they committed to over the last four days of solid meetings?
Modern enterprise is made up of globally dispersed yet globally connected employees and teams—people who are all over the map literally and figuratively. For a long time, notes Robb Woods, BlueJeans Director of Business Value and Solution Strategy, folks in his business would drop out because they were tired of trying to convince potential customers that business video conferencing is something they need. But as we speak, he says, a robust, scalable, highly interactive mode of communication is becoming a must-have, not a nice-to-have. That’s what BlueJeans has done.
When it comes to video or audio conferencing services, BlueJeans and Dolby Voice are joining forces to surpass audio conferencing limitations. Spatial audio by Dolby brings you the best audio experience for your meetings—with technological sophistication you can trust. 
Is your team geographically dispersed? Do you need to connect to colleagues who might be working in a remote office setting, highly mobile, or working frequently out in the field? Modern, cloud-based video conferencing may be the right choice for you.      Improving Response Time
Navigating an educator’s daily routine can be daunting. From lesson plan preparation, creating course materials, presenting lectures, to meeting one-on-one with students, time management and the ability to maximize your time is essential. Similarly, students are juggling dizzying schedules: multiple classes, studying, jobs, sports and other extracurricular activities. Campus staff work hard to ensure that operations run smoothly, particularly when it comes to the current systems in place and the daily events that necessitate online meetings.   
BlueJeans Inc., has been recognized as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions by prominent technology research firm, Gartner Inc. Meeting Solutions blend communications, collaboration tools and content to support real-time, online meeting solutions from anywhere. The report is designed to help leaders pursuing digital workplace initiatives find and investigate the vendors best suited to meet their needs.*  
Technology should make your life easier, not more complex. While relying on a multitude of applications every day— our cell phones, and work based apps—wouldn’t it make sense to integrate as much as you can into the applications you already use? There’s never been a better time to meet online. 
Congratulations on transforming your video calls, webinars, live streaming, video conference calls, online meetings and more with the award-winning BlueJeans! Here you’ll find a how-to landing pad for launching and deploying the essential features and functions of all of BlueJeans’ industry-leading video conference and live streaming platforms.     What is BlueJeans?