by Susannah Magers BlueJeans' virtual meetings platform makes every end user’s job easier by working with the audio and video conferencing equipment already in place. Explore the new reality of interoperability, a primary factor that’s making every video meeting “better than being there” while saving businesses time and money.
by Susannah Magers Enterprise-wide video meetings are better than ever and they’re happening every day, worldwide. This mass adoption is being driven, in part, by value-led partnerships and strategic collaborations, which are helping to build a better enterprise video call experience.
By Susannah Magers How does BlueJeans Meetings offer an easy way to get highly productive meetings underway? Whether it’s in a room, a desktop, or mobile environment, BlueJeans Meetings with Dolby Voice make it all possible. The Future of Video Meetings Rosanne Saccone, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueJeans, wants to change the thinking that exists when it comes to enterprise video and audio conferencing. This involves a precarious balancing act between the make-or-break, crucial elements of a successful video and audio meeting within the broader concept of the meeting experience.
By Susannah Magers Video conferencing shouldn’t involve sacrificing quality for convenience. Rosanne Saccone, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueJeans, explains why the enterprise conference call space doesn’t have to choose between productivity, scalability and security, and ease of use when it comes to virtual meetings.
Integrating state-of-the-art, cloud-based video conferencing into an enterprise environment may seem like a no-brainer, but there are several considerations or “must haves” for such a move to successfully pay off. In the last couple of years, no area of unified communications has received as much consideration from the enterprise as SaaS video conferencing. According to BlueJeans Chief Marketing Officer, Rosanne Saccone, “The scalability, security and management of any video conferencing platform is crucial in determining if a particular video software service is suitable for enterprise adoption.”
By Lindsey Westbrook You may or may not know that BlueJeans is named for its wonderful ease of use—making daily video conferencing as effortless as wearing your favorite pair of blue jeans. Its new partnership with Dolby Laboratories underscores its ongoing commitment to making online video calls easier and more effective, in every sense of the word.
By Lindsey Westbrook Who are the company employees looking for a really great video call experience?
By Lindsey Westbrook In the last five years, there’s been a shift from hosted-on-premises software applications to cloud-based software applications that’s affected almost every computer software user. The IT departments of large organizations are working through the necessary transitions every single day; it’s hardly a simple switch to flip.
By Lindsey Westbrook Skype for Business is growing fast, in part because it comes pre-installed on many new computers and phones, and also because of its integration with Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft bought Skype back in 2011). But, enterprise, Skype for Business users, as it is turning out, are sticking primarily to its instant messaging (IM) and presence (the dot that shows if you’re online or not) capabilities, not video. This includes those who have purchased additional licenses for video calling capability.
By Susannah Magers BlueJeans Chief Product Officer, Mark Strassman discusses how he discovered BlueJeans first as a customer, the video-first ethos of BlueJeans, and the difference between adoption life cycles in business and consumer video conferencing solutions.