Transforming Corporate Culture Through Video Conferencing

By Lindsey Westbrook 

Robb Woods, BlueJeans Director of Business Value and Solution Strategy, talks about the future of corporate culture as video conferencing technology advances. 

Say Goodbye to the Unreliable Video Call

“Video used to be a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have, for company meetings, conference calls, or really any sort of corporate communication,” he notes. “That was closely related to people’s expectations of the quality. Think about it: if you’re on a video call and it starts stuttering or jittering, your first instinct is to turn off the camera.” And thus the live video component of an online call came to seem optional, even unnecessary.

Transforming Corporate Culture Through Video Conferencing

“But that stalls the work environment at a certain level of communication,” Woods observes. “Audio calls may get the basic message across, but video calls can make all the difference in terms of getting the feeling across, and thereby creating better emotional bonds among coworkers.” It makes practical sense as well: if I’m on an audio-only call with someone, I can’t tell if I’ve said something confusing if all I hear is silence. But if we’re live streaming and I can see the person’s face, I’ll immediately register a look of confusion and retrace my steps, explaining more carefully. 

Bringing Teams Around the World Together 

BlueJeans is experiencing more and more customers actively seeking a transformation of their intra-office culture—and for some, their global, multi-office culture—that video meetings can support. Thanks to live streaming, BlueJeans Primetime and onSocial make it possible for a company with offices around the globe to retain a tradition of all-hands meetings that began when they were small, with just a few folks in a single office. Likewise BlueJeans can help when the engineers in India and sales in Europe need to teleconference or video chat with product managers in California, complete with screen sharing. “We’ve become globally dispersed as a society, and social media has done a great deal to solve the problem of bringing us together socially. Now enterprise clients need that same capability.” 

BlueJeans and Dolby: Bringing Unparalleled Video Meeting Sound

It helps to offer the best audio possible. Earlier in 2017, BlueJeans announced a close partnership with Dolby, an industry leader in providing amazing audio. With rock-solid, high-quality, dependable sound, BlueJeans users will be more likely to turn the camera on. “There will always be people who want to stick with voice calling only, but as soon as you rip the metaphorical Band-Aid off, I promise your organization will start to change for the better.” 

Exceptional End-to-End Client Support

Woods stresses that he wants BlueJeans customers to think of the company as a trusted advisor in using live video to add productivity to their organizations. “We want to help you manage that through a long life cycle, a relationship, with BlueJeans. Help us help you, by telling us how we can make your work culture more collaborative, more empathetic.” It’s a holistic, end-to-end approach to client relationships.

At the end of the day, how to get people to enjoy being seen, not just heard? “You won’t be alone as you rip the Band-Aid off and dive into live video conferencing. It’s yet another way we’re different from companies selling hardware. We don’t come to your office, install a bunch of stuff, and then abandon you as you start to make the changes that accompany the new systems. We stick around.”