Setting the Standard for Enterprise Video Meetings

Integrating state-of-the-art, cloud-based video conferencing into an enterprise environment may seem like a no-brainer, but there are several considerations or “must haves” for such a move to successfully pay off. In the last couple of years, no area of unified communications has received as much consideration from the enterprise as SaaS video conferencing.

According to BlueJeans Chief Marketing Officer, Rosanne Saccone, “The scalability, security and management of any video conferencing platform is crucial in determining if a particular video software service is suitable for enterprise adoption.”

Setting the Standard for Enterprise Video Meetings

The complexities of enterprise environments demand that any new software sufficiently check these boxes and include the expertise to back them up. As enterprises scale, these requirements help to ensure voice and meeting quality, continued ease of use as well as protection for their assets.

Simplicity for Enterprise Video Calls

To maximize any SaaS investment, enterprise companies are looking for something that’s easy for their employees to use. “Because you can’t have an IT person in every meeting room, the video conference experience must be intuitive, user-friendly,” adds Saccone. “It’s important to have that one-touch, start right away, capability for users.”

IT leaders perceive a great deal of value in having users meet via video versus web or audio-only conference calls. Given the advancements in video and audio call quality, coupled with exceptional ease of use, video calls are being perceived as a suitable replacement for in-person meetings.

Equipping Under-Utilized Rooms with Video Conferencing

Many enterprise companies have an abundance of rooms that should be used as video equipped, virtual collaboration spaces, but aren’t. “There’s a huge place in the enterprise market for video-enabling meeting rooms,” observes Saccone. “SaaS video calls are a cost-effective mechanism for arming under-utilized rooms for instant, easy face-to-face collaboration.”

Feeling pressure to do more with these small to mid-sized meeting rooms, enterprise companies are seeking a natural, scalable way to make these spaces more beneficial by providing employees with more multifaceted, video collaboration hotspots.

The Mobility of Modern Enterprise Collaboration

In addition to video-enabling office endpoints, having a secure, cloud-based video call service lends itself to easier access and superior performance across mobile devices. Saccone explains, “We don’t want to lose sight of what it means to have a broader, more holistic meeting experience – from anywhere. A quality video image and clear audio are obviously big components of modern meetings, but it’s really about enhancing everyday workplace productivity and user efficiency.”

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