Scheduling An Online Meeting Through BlueJeans

Technology should make your life easier, not more complex. While relying on a multitude of applications every day— our cell phones, and work based apps—wouldn’t it make sense to integrate as much as you can into the applications you already use? There’s never been a better time to meet online. 

Syncs With Your Existing Scheduling Management 

Did you know you can integrate BlueJeans video conferencing and online meetings into your existing scheduling platforms like Outlook or Google Calendar? BlueJeans can easily be your default, and streamlined, virtual meeting resource for all of your daily tasks. “We want all of our clients to be plugged into BlueJeans video conferencing in a way that is seamlessly ingrained into their everyday activities. One click, and they’re in BlueJeans,” says BlueJeans Account Manager Lindsey Hamelin. 

Schedule An Online Meeting Through Outlook

Virtual meetings are easily and quickly scheduled using your everyday email system, such as Microsoft Outlook and with a newly launched BlueJeans add-in for Microsoft Office 365. The best part about the new Office 365 add-in is that it’s fully deployable without direct installation of any additional software. 

Connecting BlueJeans to Google Calendar

If you’re a fan, and avid user, of Google platforms such as Google Calendar, enjoy the ability to schedule BlueJeans online meetings using your preferred browser: Google Chrome or Safari. This adds the BlueJeans Helper button directly to your browser window so that you can start and schedule an online meeting with a single click.

Integration with BlueJeans Scheduler for Mac

For Apple users, BlueJeans scheduling processes can be completely integrated with iCal, Outlook, or the BlueJeans Web Scheduler on your Mac computer, laptop, or device.  Just like with other BlueJeans set-ups, you'll have our hallmark one-click access to upcoming online meetings, the ability to schedule new meetings, and easy invites for participants to collaborate.

Schedule Delegation

Delegate scheduling provides the ability for a selected user to schedule a BlueJeans online meeting on behalf of another BlueJeans user on the team.