Professional-Grade Video Conferencing You Can Count On

Is your team geographically dispersed? Do you need to connect to colleagues who might be working in a remote office setting, highly mobile, or working frequently out in the field? Modern, cloud-based video conferencing may be the right choice for you. 
Professional-Grade Video Conferencing You Can Count On

Improving Response Time

Healthcare, emergency response organizations, and governmental departments depend on conveying information with speed and accuracy—sometimes at a moment’s notice, and under less than ideal circumstances. For example, the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is responsible for communications pre and post-disaster event statewide. After a significant event such as the failure of the Oroville Dam spillway in February 2017 (California Governor Jerry Brown ordered the evacuation of more than 180,000 people living downstream from Lake Oroville) organizations need to figure out, fast, “how to get all-hands on deck,” says BlueJeans Account Manager Lindsey Hamelin. Cal OES explained to Hamelin that they “needed fire departments, emergency medical teams, and law enforcement,” among other state services, to be easily reachable at the same time. 

Video Conferencing Connects Departments Anywhere

One possible scenario that could exist in an event where every second counts is lack of communication—or worse, a communications failure if online video conferencing technology isn’t correctly implemented in large companies with interrelated, but separately located, departments. "Rest assured," states Hamelin, "nothing will fall through the cracks when you need BlueJeans video calling the most." BlueJeans is intuitive. "Our goal is to prevent things from getting lost in deployment. Departments don’t always know they can use BlueJeans in these practical ways, across the various departments at the same agency,” notes Hamelin.

Interactive All-Hands Meeting Deployment 

Real-time screen sharing, high resolution video, and live chat-enabled meetings that can be recorded and stored with unlimited storage on the BlueJeans cloud—these are just some of the features that facilitate better video conferences for large organizations. The City of San Diego, CA is working to connect their departments—to the tune of about 16,000 employees—in addition to visitors to the city’s website. The possibilities for BlueJeans video conference deployment on the city-wide level are vast. Virtual arraignments are done by video conference. Health Services can more effectively and carefully monitor how and if patients are taking medications and monitor treatment plans. Public works, which oversees the city’s infrastructure and facilities operations, can use video conferencing when working in multiple locations throughout the city. 

The Video Call for Emergency Response

During a Fall 2016 meeting, The Unified Disaster Council (UDC) the governing body of the Unified San Diego County Emergency Services Organization, announced that they were adopting BlueJeans cloud-hosted video teleconferencing. The UDC’s meeting minutes reflect this step forward in managing San Diego emergency response: “The intent of this system is to provide a communications tool that supports the region’s ability to respond to and recover from acts of terrorism and natural disasters. The Regional Technology Partnership has recommended BlueJeans and the provider for this capability. The platform will be used to facilitate video teleconference during regional disasters.” This introduction to BlueJeans also noted signature key features: interoperability, multi-party meetings, secure cloud-based hosting, mobile device and computer deployment, content and video sharing, and the ability to record meetings.

Expert Guided Systems Migration

“Government state solutions for video conferencing are shifting,” says BlueJeans North American Sales Manager for Government and Education, Elwin Leslie. He explains that new client intakes involve catering to their specific needs through knowing and assessing the shortcomings of the solutions they previously worked with. “When you’re migrating thousands of people from one solution to another, I compare them to show how their former system worked and how their new BlueJeans video conferencing and online meetings system works now.” This, explains Leslie, aids in the ‘getting to know you’ process with the BlueJeans platform, and ensures a successful, smooth transition.