BlueJeans Supports Livestreaming Video Events

By Susannah Magers

Combining Interactivity with Multipoint Broadcast Functionality

When it comes to livestreaming options for town hall meetings, webcasts, business team meetings, and broadcast events, Damian Giuseffi, National Sales Manager for BlueJeans Primetime, explains that there are essentially two different products on the market. “Primetime is for all-hands events, town halls, customer marketing events—any event that is larger than say one hundred attendees all the way up to several thousands.”

There are also a couple of types of products that today’s customers are using, and they fall primarily into two buckets. “One is a web conferencing tool, like WebEx or GoToMeeting, and the challenges are around control, scalability, and quality. On the other side of the spectrum, you have streaming services. That includes anything from production companies to On24—anything more built for scale, but that isn’t interactive, or two-way.”

Livestreaming video built for the enterprise

The Power of Primetime: Dynamic All-Hands Meetings

Primetime’s key functionality is joining multiple presenters in one meeting, plus it makes the meeting interactive. That’s the “sweet spot” of Primetime, says Giuseffi: it combines the smaller, day-to-day interactive meeting with a larger-scale video broadcast type of event while still maintaining a controlled, high-quality environment.

With Primetime, all-hands company meetings can connect offices in different locations, ensuring that every team member shares the same access and can participate in real time: asking questions, responding with comments, and providing a more immersive, engaged experience.

In fact, BlueJeans conducts all of their all-hands meetings using Primetime. Krish Ramakrishnan, CEO and cofounder of BlueJeans, comes in from Mountain View, and is joined by Orange County, San Francisco, and London offices. “CEOs want to see their employees, and the employees want to have that face time with the CEO. It really plays well to the internal meeting platform,” Giuseffi explains.

Building and Connecting Your Audience with New Engagement Features

BlueJeans has just released polling and registration capabilities. These new features allow marketing professionals to capture crucial data during their company’s Primetime broadcasts regarding demographics, like where companies specific meeting attendees are from, and to gauge overall interest in the host’s product. This makes Primetime marketing events more efficient, productive, and cross-promotional.

Transforming Company Culture through Video-Centric Models

The biggest challenge with Primetime? Surprisingly, it’s BlueJeans customers not knowing about Primetime. As Giuseffi puts it, “How do you get people to search for something that they don’t know exists?”

Traditional all-hands meeting and conferencing tools lack interactivity, and if they do, it’s often in an offline, passive mode, says Pashmeen Mistry, Product Line Head for BlueJeans Primetime. BlueJeans offers the ability for anyone in the audience to ask a question, or to present, regardless of what device they are using or their location. Every member of a company can meet on a platform that is video-centric.

With this ethos in mind, one area of disruption for Primetime is external webinars. These webinars typically take the form of one presenter and a slide presentation, with an accompanying voiceover. “We are transforming that presentation experience,” says Mistry.

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