Transforming the Meeting Experience: Pairing BlueJeans Meetings with Dolby Voice

By Susannah Magers

How does BlueJeans Meetings offer an easy way to get highly productive meetings underway? Whether it’s in a room, a desktop, or mobile environment, BlueJeans Meetings with Dolby Voice make it all possible.

Transforming the Meeting Experience

The Future of Video Meetings

Rosanne Saccone, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueJeans, wants to change the thinking that exists when it comes to enterprise video and audio conferencing. This involves a precarious balancing act between the make-or-break, crucial elements of a successful video and audio meeting within the broader concept of the meeting experience.

Noting that “video will be the norm in the future,” Saccone emphasizes that highly productive, virtual meeting experiences with Dolby Voice and the superior BlueJeans video meeting experience are indeed possible—regardless of device, or whether you are in a room or remote working space. Integrated into the BlueJeans software platform, Dolby Voice delivers quantitative results when it comes to all aspects of business video communications: meeting productivity, simplicity, collaboration, and overall audio conferencing quality—in every BlueJeans meeting.

Crystal Clear Video Meetings From Anywhere

With Dolby Voice enabled apps for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can enjoy the same optimal, advanced Dolby-powered audio in your BlueJeans meetings on-the-go over built-in speakers on your device, headphones, or through a headset. The audio clarity on mobile devices is typically limited by insufficient speakers and inadequate file compression technology that ultimately diminishes audio quality. BlueJeans integration with Dolby Voice means that the noise cancellation, immersive spatial sound, automatic voice level adjustment, and unparalleled clarity you expect in a BlueJeans Meetings or video-enabled BlueJeans Rooms setup is now possible anywhere.

The End of ‘Rip and Replace’ Video Conferencing

Interoperability is the hallmark of the BlueJeans audio and video conferencing experience. There’s no insider language, or a need to call on coworkers or tech support to help start or join a BlueJeans video or audio meeting. Whether you’re in a room, office, or event setting, “that core BlueJeans experience is what is most memorable, and what’s taking video or audio conferencing meetings to the next level,” says Saccone. This underlying commitment will always be there, she notes. “That’s the magic of BlueJeans: we will always make the most out of your company’s existing infrastructure investment.”

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