Live Streaming Video in the Modern Era

By Lindsey Westbrook

The Perfect Match: BlueJeans Llive Streaming and Facebook Live

Facebook is more than just another enthusiastic BlueJeans customer; they’re also a partner in a key endeavor: BlueJeans live streaming. “Many companies don’t want or need to live stream their all-hands meeting or town hall meeting on the internet for the world to see,” says Damian Giuseffi, National Sales Manager for BlueJeans. “But what if you’re unveiling a new product, or making some other marketing announcement, and want to share the news with as wide an audience as possible? Or, what if a webinar you’re hosting is a great marketing opportunity and you want to live stream it to the world?” 

Livestreaming video events from the office

Endless Possibilities and Easy Live Broadcast Solutions

Likewise, what if a portion of a conference you’re producing, say a panel of experts discussing a timely topic, would make excellent PR if you could just find a way to live stream it online to anyone who is interested, without needing to distribute logins, passwords, or special software?

Events and meetings, large and small, intended for public consumption can be broadcast to the web via live video streaming thanks to BlueJeans live streaming. You have all the capabilities of BlueJeans Events—multi-party, interactive video—but with the added capability for social media sharing via Facebook Live. 

Live Streaming: Proven to Engage Audiences Better

Facebook has 1.1 billion active daily users, and Facebook users spend three times longer watching a video, and are ten times more likely to comment on it, when it’s live. To date BlueJeans live streaming has brought together—and shared with the world—conversations among Olympic athletes and school children, journalists commenting on elections as the results come in, and innumerable expert and celebrity panels in sports, culture, cooking, design, science, and everything in between. 

Industry-Leading Bandwidth Optimization and Management 

Accelerator is a signature BlueJeans solution that can be deployed within your network to minimize bandwidth consumption—a common question among new customers. Accelerator is available “out of the box,” and only BlueJeans offers such a product for helping to prevent network crashes. 

Tailored to a One-Person-Show or a Fortune 500 Company

“Individual influencers, experts, brands, and corporations will be interested in live streaming,” notes Giuseffi. “With the latter, as many as 100 participants in different locations can connect and broadcast via live streaming on Facebook, with of course the capability for millions more to tune in and watch.

Expand Audience Reach

“A lot of live streaming customers are marketing folks who are already using Facebook to share company news. It’s free, easy, and popular. With live streaming, they can do what they’re already doing but in a better, more exciting way because it’s live video rather than just text-and-image posts.” 

Better Together: Seamless Multipoint Participation

As with BlueJeans Events, the key differentiator between BlueJeans and other solutions is the capability to have many parties involved and interacting—dynamic, multi-party, live streaming broadcasts—with the usual fine controls over what they can do: Who is allowed to share their screen? Who should have their audio enabled or muted? 

“Some companies come to us with, say, a thousand or fewer viewer-attendees, and some have many times that. We can handle all of those use cases. Sometimes they already have an elaborately equipped studio and a skilled production crew, and sometimes all they’ve got is a smartphone or a laptop. One of the key things about BlueJeans is what we call interoperability: it is incredibly easy to set up, and just works with whatever hardware setup you’ve got.”

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