What Makes a Great Video Call Experience?

By Lindsey Westbrook

Who are the company employees looking for a really great video call experience?

Skype for Business and Human Resources

How about human resources? HR departments everywhere are increasing efficiency by interviewing potential employees on a video call rather than flying them out for an in-person interview, but it only makes sense when the quality of the video call is rock solid. Jitter, dropped frames, or plain old audio or video cutout can make it hard to get a good read on an applicant—are they making eye contact? are they a cultural fit?—and, of course, it can be agonizing for the person whose future career hangs in the balance of a terrible-quality video call!

Skype for Business and Human Resources

“HR folks tell me they love video calling for recruiting. But I have to ask, do they really know enough about it to be in love with it?” asks Robb Woods, BlueJeans Director of Business Value and Solution Strategy. “What if you could have a better online call experience? I’ve done video-call interviews for BlueJeans with people overseas, and I pick up on subtle stuff instantly—in a way that frequently surprises them.”

Skype for Business is the go-to office software video calling application for many companies, especially those that are “Microsoft shops” (Microsoft has owned Skype since 2011). “And it works okay,” says Woods. “But why is ‘okay’ good enough for your company? You say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but I say you need to be exceptional, and use exceptional tools, to attract exceptional people to be part of your team.”

Skype for Business and BlueJeans both do audio and video. The difference is the quality of engagement: “You can do a video call with both, sure. But it’s like saying you can drive a 1990 Honda or a 2017 Tesla. They both get you around. The Honda is less expensive, and will have a level of functionality that every car has de facto. But when you really want to get stuff done, go on a drive that’s exciting and engaging, you get in the Tesla.”

Skype for Business and Software Engineers

Who else can benefit from the high-quality online video calling that BlueJeans offers? How about enterprise customers with dispersed software engineering teams? “I’ve talked to many engineering teams that just don’t feel like they can do engaging scrums with Skype for Business—it’s kind of useless, actually,” notes Woods. “They’ll tell me they’re using Google Hangouts for their scrum meetings because it’s more engaging and easier. So of course I’ll ask them, have you tried BlueJeans?”

Rosetta Stone is just one example of a company whose engineers are loyal BlueJeans fans for their scrums. One of them recently sent Woods an email saying, “We’re using BlueJeans, and we love it! We do all our scrum meetings using BlueJeans.” Feedback like that about Hangouts or Skype for Business video conference calls would be unlikely.

Skype for Business and CIOs

Who else? From the CIO’s perspective, perhaps they’re trying to proactively look for ways to infuse more collaboration into their existing workflows and company culture. How to help employees transition, for instance, from a reliance on email to more dynamic, real-time video meetings?

“The BlueJeans integration into Microsoft is best on the market. We lead the charge because we support email integration, calendar integration, Mac, PC, web browser, mobile device. We’re the first in the industry to do all that. You can schedule a video meeting from whatever platform you’re using, and you can escalate a Skype for Business IM chat to a video call, seamlessly.”

If your organization is a heavy user of Skype for Business, your folks have probably found that its audio and video capabilities are simply not good enough. With multipoint calls especially, the increased bandwidth usage is noticeable, as is the audio and video quality degradation. Organizations come to Woods all the time asking how BlueJeans can provide the missing piece, the glue, to connect not only their disparate employees, but also the disparate pieces of their communications systems.

“We should never be creating an integration that is unnatural for the customer,” says Woods. “We should be enhancing what they are already doing, and encouraging them to make that first step into very high-quality online video communication and cloud-based collaboration. If you want your organization to be better than the status quo, let BlueJeans help you, because we are setting the standard.”

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