BlueJeans is Dolby's Next Netflix

By Lindsey Westbrook

You may or may not know that BlueJeans is named for its wonderful ease of use—making daily video conferencing as effortless as wearing your favorite pair of blue jeans. Its new partnership with Dolby Laboratories underscores its ongoing commitment to making online video calls easier and more effective, in every sense of the word.

BlueJeans is Dolby’s Next Netflix

Better Audio Quality: The Dolby Difference

One key element is the addition of Dolby’s best-in-class sound to all BlueJeans video calls. Whether you are using a mobile device, sitting at your desk, or in a conference room, having natural-sounding audio makes all voices sound like everyone is actually in the room together. No longer will background noise make it necessary to mute conference call participants.

The Dolby Conference Phone For Rooms

Another key piece is the addition of the Dolby Conference Phone for BlueJeans Rooms. With this leading edge voice solution, any ordinary room can be easily transformed into a highly functional, video conferencing room featuring dynamic voice pickup, immersive Dolby Voice with suppressed background noise, and the ability to begin a video conference call with one touch.

Superior Video Calls With Dolby Digital Sound

As BlueJeans raises the bar significantly for the quality of their video calls, the Dolby partnership is an exciting milestone for both companies. It’s a significant business collaboration between one company specializing in video calling and one specializing in audio technology—a melding of two deeply rooted, research and tech based companies.

Those with a soft spot for Dolby—who grew up pushing the Dolby noise reduction button on their parents’ hi-fi, or being blown away by the Dolby stereo sound on Star Wars (1977) or the Dolby Digital sound on Batman Returns (1992)—will understand the importance of a fifty-year-old company partnering with a much newer Silicon Valley tech firm.

What The Dolby Partnership Means for BlueJeans

Rosanne Saccone, BlueJeans’s new Chief Marketing Officer, acknowledges: “Certainly the Dolby brand gives instant credibility. They are known as the best there is. For good reason, there is a universally warm feeling associated with their brand. In working together, we can create something of a brand halo for us. It’s a wonderful win-win.”

Which makes the next steps even more exciting. “I can’t share all that we’re working on together,” says Saccone, “but I can assure you that it’s going to be great. A number of us recently spent the day at the Dolby offices in San Francisco, learning more about all they do and hearing their CEO Kevin Yeaman, speak about how Dolby is thinking of BlueJeans as their next Netflix.”

Is BlueJeans Dolby’s New Netflix?

Several years ago, prominent video streaming company, Netflix, entered into a partnership with Dolby. In spite of consumer trends suggesting otherwise, Dolby executives didn’t believe that “the market would ultimately choose convenience over quality,” Saccone explains.

At the time, most people in the video streaming industry were resigned to such products having technical issues, but felt that customers would willingly put up with any glitches for the sake of getting their streaming video at a low cost. Netflix challenged itself to provide convenience and high quality at a low price, and enlisted Dolby as its strategic partner to make it happen.

Fast forward several years, and, according to Dolby CEO Kevin Yeaman: “In BlueJeans, we believe we’ve found our next Netflix in the online work collaboration space.” Video calling is both an audio and a video experience, and thanks to Dolby, BlueJeans online video calls have never sounded better. 

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