BlueJeans and Dolby Digital: A Dynamic Match

You can’t have a video call without audio. More and more, customers are making really good audio a requirement, not a "nice-to-have". Audio quality has been a thorn in the side of the video conferencing world for decades, but BlueJeans immediately made better audio quality a primary objective.

New audio codecs, or “audio stacks,” are always coming out: G.722 and Opus are just two of many. Dolby Laboratories’ audio conferencing codec, however, has been a game changer that provides incredible advancements, and BlueJeans knew right away that it was the one to integrate into its services.

BlueJeans and Dolby Digital: A Dynamic Match

BlueJeans and Dolby Digital Audio from Dolby Laboratories

The Dolby digital audio conferencing codec provides incredible clarity and resiliency in fluctuating-bandwidth environments. Ordinarily, anyone on an audio or video call suffers some degree of “audio fatigue.” Sometimes it is difficult to hear just one person speaking, and when there are many people speaking, expectations can plummet exponentially.

In traditional audio conferencing scenarios, listeners experience the audio in the conference room as a single stream, all mixed together and then transmitted. But Dolby digital audio keeps the streams separate, so that the person on the far end hears the talking as if they were there in the room. The Dolby conference call is not stereo exactly, but it’s not unlike it. “Spatial audio” is the precise term.

These days, with open-plan offices (or coffee shop offices!) many people work in loud environments, and they do not always have the option to duck into a quiet room for their video meetings. But with Dolby conference phone calls, the phone prioritizes the speaker over any background noise. The voices of people speaking nearby or music tracks playing ambiently are eliminated from the audio that goes out over the Dolby conference call. This means you can have great meetings thanks to Dolby conference calling in environments that wouldn’t otherwise be conducive, and never worry about muting yourself when you’re not talking.

When Will Dolby Digital Audio Rollout Across BlueJeans?

Dolby audio conferencing will be rolled out as the default audio codec initially to all desktop applications, then to mobile apps. BlueJeans will add it to events as well.

And BlueJeans video conferencing-ready rooms? BlueJeans has partnered with Dolby Laboratories on solutions for those as well. For companies that want to invest in dedicated video-enabled meeting spaces there is now Dolby Conferencing Phone. There is no requirement for USB speakers, microphones, etc.; everything is contained in a single device called Dolby Conferencing Phone that includes a touch screen, a microphone, a speaker, and also a CIP conferencing phone for traditional audio calls. It is far less expensive than traditional video conferencing rooms, and thanks to Dolby digital conference calling technology, a much better user experience.

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