BlueJeans Events: One Click Group Video Conferencing

As a national sales manager for BlueJeans, Damian Giuseffi has amassed deep knowledge about BlueJeans Events, the offering specifically designed for live video broadcasting to large groups, and perfect for company town hall meetings, all-hands meetings, and webinars with multiple hosts.
“Companies come to me interested in the idea of multipoint interaction via video streaming, meaning, the capability to internet-broadcast a meeting to (potentially) thousands of employees, all over the world, by several presenters. I tell them, not only can we do all that, but we can give them very fine control over the presenters: they can allow certain folks but not others to share their desktops, or mute or un-mute them on the fly.”

BlueJeans Events


Effective Multipoint Broadcast Solutions

Customers choose BlueJeans because other products are insufficiently scalable, or not controllable, or constrained to a one-to-many scenario—a single video webcast, from one presenter, going one direction to its audience. BlueJeans offers not only live streaming broadcast services, but crucially, a several-to-many capability.

Face-to-Face Interactivity No Matter Where You Are

Many new customers come to BlueJeans thanks to search queries such as “How can I broadcast my all-hands meeting to my company” or “What’s the best way to host a live streaming online event or webinar.” But what if you’re a CEO, with an urgently exciting company announcement to make, and it’s 7 pm and you’re at home? With BlueJeans Events, you can webcast your live self right there and then, from your living room, via your phone or computer: just send an email invitation to your employees, and they can tune in. No need to run to the office to get set up in a wired conference room or an audiovisual studio.

Remote Livestream Breaking News 

The ability to set up and live stream events on the fly has found many great applications, for instance when David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox announced his retirement. “That was literally on a beach in the Dominican Republic, in a makeshift studio!” says Giuseffi. Over the course of the broadcast, thousands of fans and more than a few fellow ballplayers tuned in, and some grabbed the virtual mic to chime in with memories and good wishes—and get a live, visible response of appreciation from Ortiz. 
“The concept is simple,” says Giuseffi: “A fan in Wisconsin can ask a question directly to his favorite NFL or NBA player, but in a scenario that is closely controlled by the moderator.”

BlueJeans Events: Built for Interaction

Likewise, BlueJeans Events was key at a recent Sundance Film Festival, where film fans who couldn’t make it to Park City, Utah, could still join in remotely and ask questions of the film directors, live, and get answers, live. The difference with BlueJeans is that it’s “wrapped around interaction,” in Giuseffi’s words. The ability to engage with the presenter, see each other, talk to each other.

Maximize Productivity While Minimizing Expense 

BlueJeans Events can also save companies on travel costs. If you’re currently flying your executives into headquarters once a quarter for meetings and presentations, you might ask yourself, “If we can get the same quality of personal interaction in a virtual conference, think what we could save plane fares and hotels, not to mention a lot of everyone’s valuable time.” It’s a rare person who enjoys spending time in airports.


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