The Best of Both Worlds: BlueJeans and Dolby Transform Online Meetings

By Susannah Magers

Video conferencing shouldn’t involve sacrificing quality for convenience. Rosanne Saccone, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueJeans, explains why the enterprise conference call space doesn’t have to choose between productivity, scalability and security, and ease of use when it comes to virtual meetings.

BlueJeans and Dolby Transform Online Meetings

Modernizing Video Meeting Environments

For Rosanne Saccone, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueJeans, crisp, clear audio and video conferencing solutions with dependable security and easy deployment should be an absolute given in the modern video and audio conferencing space—but typically, it’s not. “In an enterprise environment, we are used to only getting choice A, security and scalability, or choice B, ease of deployment for IT and end users alike. With BlueJeans and Dolby-enabled audio, you can have both.”

This is partially attributable to what Saccone describes as a certain “learned behavior” in the way that the teleconferencing industry has trained users. The options with even basic teleconferencing involve formidable installation—and extensive training on how to implement the equipment—by IT professionals (not to mention ongoing maintenance). “This is the entrenched view,” notes Saccone, “but with BlueJeans, and the superior audio experience the Dolby integration delivers, highly productive, secure, and one-touch virtual meetings are now a reality.”

Collaborative Workspaces: The Video Conferencing Frontier 

Despite the growing trend of collaboration workspaces, there remains pressure on today’s companies to figure out how to do more with small to mid-sized meeting spaces that are frequently used in the virtual room environment. This presents a valuable opportunity, according to Saccone, for companies to easily transform these rooms, regardless of size, into fully-functional collaboration spaces by incorporating BlueJeans with Dolby Voice video and audio conferencing.

“There is a huge spot in the middle of the enterprise environment with rooms that should be used as collaboration spaces, but that aren’t yet taking advantage of the transformative collaborative possibilities that video and audio-enabled teleconferencing provides. Companies are looking for a viable way to create video-enabled meeting spaces in that enterprise space. BlueJeans with Dolby Voice is that easy, quick, cost effective mechanism for arming all of those spaces with an enhanced, and truly collaborative, virtual meeting environment.”

Cloud-Based Video Meeting Scalability and Security

The other key ingredient to getting the best of both worlds when it comes to video and audio conferencing in the business enterprise environment? The satisfaction of both end users and IT professionals alike: making sure they are getting what they need to initiate and manage meetings effortlessly.

The complexity of enterprise environments, states Saccone, requires that video and audio conferencing solutions ensure the protection of the assets in addition to ease of use. “We need to make sure meetings are easy to use from an end user point of view—joining the meeting quickly, that one-touch idea, is very important—while assuring that as companies scale, IT implementation is seamless, security is maintained, and that both the audio and video components of virtual meetings are outstanding.”

Simplified Workflows? More Productive Online Meetings

When it comes to more productive meetings, never underestimate the power of simplified workflows. This requires a major mindset shift in the video conferencing space, says Saccone, which BlueJeans is signaling through seamless integrations, that perform across the platform of BlueJeans, like Dolby Voice. “Simplifying and embedding workflows into the virtual environments that you work in daily, like calendaring and messaging applications, is a really important part of where BlueJeans is headed in the future.” This shift, embedding simplified workflows in all aspects, from white boarding, screen sharing, audio, video—the whole package—is necessary to take virtual meetings to the next level.

Online Meetings Are Better Than Being There

Flexibility, interoperability, and quality that you can count on make for an exceptional video conferencing experience. So how do you “break the mold” when it comes to enterprise video and audio conferencing? Rosanne recalls a time where downloading big files (for instance, a movie) to your desktop, let alone a mobile device, was fraught with issues. It was slow, would take forever to load, and was essentially a total waste of time.

In contrast, streaming content today from any device has become commonplace: “We all stream content from our phones and personal devices,” says Saccone. BlueJeans with Dolby Voice doesn’t just meet the needs of a virtual, globally dispersed modern workforce; “the big aha” moment, as Saccone refers to it, is that ideal, high quality video and audio combination. This also aids in the assessment of the virtual meeting experience: was this a good meeting? Are the action items clear? Was I clear in what I was to communicate? When these elements align,” explains Saccone, “You have just created an environment that’s better than if you were just sitting there in person. Most people know that it’s not realistic that everyone in a meeting will be in the same room in today’s work culture. There’s always going to be someone who joins via the video experience.”

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